We all have problems

You, me, everyone…

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about what their biggest problems are right now.

Let’s check out what they had to say.

1. Now what?

“I’m 62.

My husband d**d suddenly on January 2.

Now I have to figure out where my life is going.”

2. You won.

“I’m 24 and just went through to most intensive year long battle fighting Stage 4b Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

I won.”

3. Too old for this…

“61(F)… Relationship heartache and likely to be let go at work.

I’m too old for either of these when 6 years away from retirement.”

4. Take your pick.

“42 and trying to figure out which of my problems is the biggest.

I’m going with finances and depression.”

5. The decline.

“I’m 62 and I am watching my wife d** day by day from pancreatic cancer.

She is the love of my life, God’s gift to me. I had been married before but never have I known love until I met her. I cannot breathe. I cannot cry because I must be strong for my beautiful bride.

My heart is breaking day by day. When the end comes I cannot imagine living a day without her smile and laughter.”

6. Dad.

“I’m 32 and my dad d**d a month ago.

I don’t know how to exist in a world that he’s not in.

I miss him.”

7. Terrible.

“I’m 48 and my son is 16. He has a muscle eating disease call Muscular Dystrophy and has lost the use of his legs, his arms have weakened to the point that he can barely lift a glass and he’s in a wheelchair.

He has an upcoming major surgery for scoliosis (caused by the disease) that will enable him completely for up to a week. He worries about it and about the disease (d**ng) and on top of that, he gets very depressed about not being able to do the things that other kids his age can do.

I worry constantly about him, but there is nothing I can do. That’s my biggest problem (he’s not the problem, but the fact I can’t do anything but worry).”

8. Trying to keep up.

“I’m 60.

My biggest problem is having to work 50 or 60 (or more) hours a week just to keep up with the bills. Plus I have a bedridden wife with cancer and we’re raising our oldest grandson.

As Sergeant Murtaugh once said, “I’m getting too old for this s**t.””

9. A tough spot.

“I’m 50. No retirement, wife is recovering from surgery for cancer.

Don’t know anyone in the town I live in so if something happens to her I will be lost she’s the only person I’ve known for the last 25 years.”

10. Have to figure it out.

“37. My mother just passed away, leaving me with implied responsibility for my same-aged brother with special needs.

There was no plan, despite me begging them for years to figure something out. I live ten hours away and work full-time plus. Now I’m supposed to figure it all out.”

11. Sad.

“37 and I’m going blind.

I don’t know how long it will take, when I will be legally blind and unable to live my life with the richness, independence and everything else I expected, but it’s coming.

It’s a crushing inevitability. Every day that I get to see my loved ones faces is a gift.”

12. In denial.

“78, and knowing I am terminal.

I can handle it, but everybody else is in denial. I’m hearing lots of, “After all, doctors don’t know everything, do they?”

No. They don’t. But they do know the five-year survival rate is 1%. Now let’s all say that together boys and girls.

“The five-year survival rate is 1%.””

13. Consumed.

“59 and my thoughts are consumed with losing my wife (and best friend).

I’ve loved her for 42 years. I want 42 more.”

14. Looking for work.

“31, lost a job.

Unemployment is getting dry, cannot find new work….”

15. Anxious.

“37- I started a new job recently that I love and am afraid I’ll lose it, not for any reason, just because I’ve lost the things love so often, now I get suspicious and anxious when things go well.”

What’s your biggest problem right now?

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