If you’ve ever met people who are generous and kind, you may have also seen them snap at least once. Why? Because they’re humans who also have bad days, and because there are some jerks who take advantage of them.

One Reddit AMA posed the question:

People who’ve seen nice people finally snap, what happened?

And well, let’s just say Redditors gave satisfactory answers. Here are some of the most interesting ones!

15. He Got a Garbage Can!

“I had just started high school and there was a new kid (I was from a one primary/one high school town, so all the kids already knew each other).

He was a giant aboriginal kid who was quiet with no friends, so my friend and I befriended him. We always chatted to him and he was so lovely, always softly spoken and generally just so nice. Like holding doors open for us and bashfully smiling when we would go out of our way to be friendly to him. Anyway, he started getting picked on by the “bad boy” of our grade relentlessly.

One day he snapped and beat him up with a garbage can and was expelled and I never saw him again.”


14. Bullies Never Change!

“Our assistant principal was a total douchebag, and every person that went with him to school said he was awful as a kid too (he attended the same high school that he now worked at). He never did anything when kids were bullied, especially if the bully was a basketball player, and the entire study-body loathed him except for the basketball team which he coached (they got tons of passes for things others were punished for). I cannot express enough to you how much this guy was disliked by students.

The only person he never fucked with was a close friend of mine. If I got in trouble with him, we never got punished. If I got into a fight my friend would get involved just so the fall out wouldn’t be as bad for me. He never mentioned why for the longest time.

He finally told me that when they were teenagers his mom dated the assistant principal. After they broke up he kept trying to get with her until her new boyfriend (my friend’s dad) beat the living shit out of him. Guess he didn’t want to risk catching those hands again. Doesn’t matter if they are young or older, bullies don’t like people who fight back.”


13. Mary Got Her Revenge

“This woman, “Mary” I worked with was always pleasant and cheerful, said hello in the lunchroom and was generally liked. She worked in Finance in special projects. She said she wanted to retire “in a few years” and she had been working there for 15 years.

Her boss started pressuring her to complete our annual budget report faster, but this thing is huge and comprehensive and a figurative beast. “Mary” told the boss it would be ready in a couple of weeks, per the usual schedule.

The boss said that it needed to be completed within one week to give to the higher ups. “Mary” said it wasn’t possible. Boss emailed “Mary” + Cc a bunch of coworkers and the Assistant Managers, calling “Mary” out for a poor work ethic and for making the department look bad.

“Mary” said it wasn’t possible and didn’t appreciate being bullied. She put in her notice to retire by the end of the week, leaving her boss high and dry. She was the only one who could do the budget report in a timely manner – so the Department was double fucked.

Good for her.”


12. This Lovely Teacher HAD IT!

“Back in 5th grade, I was super lucky to have the elementary school’s favorite teacher. Every single student loved her.

My class was always super loud and annoying. We were working on some assignment before PE, and everyone was passing her off. She was only allowing students to go out if they finished the assignment. My slow ass was unfortunately one of the last kids in the room. This one student, who was a godawful and annoying shitbag kid, was being way over the top.

My teacher got up, put her hands over her ears and just started screaming “SHUT THE FUCK UP! JUST SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP.” And she just stomped out of the room still screaming with her hands covering her ears. All of us just sat there in horror. Couple of kids just left to go to PE, and I sat there just trying to finish the assignment.

Our principal came into the room a few minutes later just telling the rest of us to go out to PE, but she made the shitbag kid stay in the room with her. He was moved into the other 5th grade teachers room after this.

She was completely normal and fine after coming back. And there was nothing else that went wrong for the rest of year. Just worked her ass off and made all of us love her by her caring soul and all of that fun stuff. But that moment completely traumatized me.”


11. He Was Never Seen Again

“A long time ago, I used to do call center tech support for fairly complex issues. A really nice, quiet guy went through the same training class. He talked if you talked to him, but never went out of his way to chat.

Right after training, the call center changes a ton of stuff – we start getting squeezed on the amount of time we can do documentation, how much research time we have, just metrics in general. It was utter bullshit, because the favorites got to go on smoke breaks as often as they wanted with the managers. We’d essentially be punished for that because we had to keep the average numbers in a certain area. He did all the right things. Talked to his manager, talked to their manager, then to HR. It kept getting worse, plus enforced overtime. Then he got a super long call (he was on it at least two hours) about a complex issue, and the customer was just straight up abusing him but he had to take it because the managers wouldn’t give permission for him to hang up. And they were basically screaming at him to resolve this issue and get to his next call, but we couldn’t end calls, the customer had to.

One day he just stood up, stepped onto his chair, then onto his desk, threw his headset on the desk and sort of growled something like “fuck this,” quietly. He looked around, staring people in the face, especially the people who took those long breaks and the managers.

Then he walked out and no one ever saw him again. Everyone was super quiet and afraid to move or say much of anything.”


10. Don’t Tease Kids About Losing Their Parents

“My best friend had lost his mom to murder a few months prior when we were in the 10th grade.

Some how he had pulled himself together just enough to start going back to school. I don’t know how he handled it with being an only child and growing up without a father, his mom was all he had. A kid that thought he was popular that got on everyone’s nerves cracked wise to my friends face about his mom’s death, what he said isn’t exactly sure. My friend threw him on the ground and punched him in the face multiple times. The end result was a broken nose, a broken left orbital, and my friend got kicked out of school.

We were very grateful he taught him a lesson but sadden it had to come at such a high cost.”


9. She Was Right Though!

“She was an assistant manager and was known for being soft spoken.

At a manager meeting one of the General managers (who was known for being a total jackass to everyone) was going off on how every store should be run. Well, she snapped. ‘You have the highest turnover rate out of any store in the district! You can’t keep employees for more than 6 months before they just quit all saying you were the problem.

Maybe you should take that “advice” you’re giving us and use it on yourself.'”


8. Don’t Mess With Brian

“I used to manage a pub in a small rural town (population around 300) in Australia. Running the pub was mostly a business of maintaining the peace between the itinerant oil and gas workers, and the local cattle industry families who resented their presence. The flash point for this conflict was frequently the jukebox in the bar. The oil and gas guys were usually city folks on fly in, fly out rotations, so their musical tastes somewhat differed to the locals.

Anyway so there’s a guy we’ll call Brian who is the heir apparent to one of the larger cattle empires in the district. Super cool guy, everyone liked him, would give you the shirt of his back sort of thing. Brian had a daughter who’d just married and was pregnant with her first kid. Sometime during the pregnancy she’d noticed a dodgy looking blemish on her butt, though she figured she’d wait til she had the kid to get it looked at. Months later, she’s had the kid, goes to get it checked. Skin cancer, metastasized everywhere. Weeks to live.

There’s a huge funeral. Brian is destroyed. At the end of the church service there’s a procession of vehicles out to the cemetery. Some Halliburton truck, impatient to be caught behind it, plows down the side of the road and spews dust over the whole thing.

From then on Brian would be down the pub every other night. He’d get half smashed, and then put that fucking If I Die Young song on the jukebox that was popular like ten years back. Man was circling the drain but nobody really knew what to do about it.

Anyway one night, Brian’s at the bar and the song is on the jukebox. Some guys in Halliburton patched Hi-Vis start bitching about the song choice. I tell them to just leave it be, but one of them gets up and unplugs the jukebox. Brian plugs it back in and puts the song on again. One of the Halliburton guys calls Brian a depressing old cunt, Brian tells him to get fucked and… well I don’t remember who threw the first punch.

But between the fight starting and the couple of seconds it took me to break it up, Brian did enough damage to put the guy in an ambulance.”


7. Darrel Defends Everyone’s Honor

“An acquaintance of mine, “Darrel”, was always a quiet kid that bothered nobody. Given that he was 6’5” and 250 lb, he played football and was generally respected and liked.

One day in Spanish class the class clown was making his usual rounds talking shit, until he got to this one girl, “nelly”. He never really made fun of people of the other sex, so everyone around him was telling him to fuck off, but he kept going and finally got to the birthmark on her neck that was very large and dark red. He told her that it “dropped her a few numbers down.” At this point just about everyone and their grandma in the class was standing up about to rush him (save for “Darrel” and a few others) until Darrel got up, waltzed over to the class clown, picked him up BY HIS HAIR and said and I quote “if you don’t shut the fuck right now I am going to put you through that fucking wall points to the nearest wall” he dropped the clown and walked away.

A few seconds later, with his band of merry men behind him, the clown tries to jump Darell in the middle of the class, Darell then proceeds to elbow him across the room, run over, pick him up by the shoulder, and put his hand through the drywall right next to the clowns head. Security by this point was called and both Darell and the clown were arrested with both only getting off with fines for damages.

Every day, the spackle patch where the hole used to be humbles me every day.”


6. Instant Divorce

“Older brothers wedding.

He’s a very nice guy, almost too nice. He had a horrible girlfriend. He adored her though. She told him that he wasn’t good enough and that she would break up with him unless he bought her this super fancy ring and married her. He did. He wedding was very stressful, and she was extra nasty. After they cut the cake, she got herself a huge slice and left him with none, telling him he should go on a diet. ( For context, he was underweight. He was working his way up to average. ) He snapped. Threw a handful of cake at her pretty dress and hair, then told her to expect divore papers to sign. He proceeded to scream, cry, and rant about how horrible she was and how she made him suicidal.

He’s better now. They split up and live in different continents.”


5. K Had No Regrets

“When I was in high school, my group of like 6 friends were sitting at a round table in the cafeteria for breakfast. A table over, some girls had been tossing small chunks of their food in our direction. My one friend (M) wore her hair in an unusual, spiked up style & I guess the girls at the table were trying land food in her hair while cackling to themselves.

Cue my quiet, sweet, introverted friend (K) getting so angry I swear steam was coming out of her ears. One of the girls had thrown a decent sized piece of her egg patty at us & it landed on the floor near K’s foot. K proceeded to step on the egg patty, pick it up off the ground, walk over to the table of bullies, and shove the egg DIRECTLY INTO THE MOUTH OF THE ONE WHO HAD THROWN IT!

This was such an amazing moment in my high school memory. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as K was the last person I would’ve expected to do that. Of course she did get in trouble but she didn’t regret it one bit.”


4. Don’t Work Where He Does

“Guy I’d worked with for about 10 years, never could get ahead at work, wasn’t “bad” but just didn’t really excel.

He was always kind, always ready to laugh and crack a joke. Never saw or heard him be mean, but apparently him and his wife were having some trouble, though I’d not heard him talk about it much. But one day while his youngest was out at church with a family member he flipped out and shot his wife then himself.

Another woman I worked with even prior to that, but at the same place, was super sweet and always smiling, she was mid divorce and drowned her 3yo daughter in a bathtub at her dad’s (the kid’s Grandpa’s) because she didn’t want to “share” her with her ex after the divorce. She’s still in prison as far as I know.

Both are kinda fucked up.”—210_Daddy

3. Everyone Fears James Now

“A guy I knew freshman year was super chill, we’ll call him James. He was the guy that if ya didn’t like him or picked on him, everyone just hated you.

So one day this absolute douche of a junior who thought he was sooo tough cuz he was just older than him was just being a douche and picking on a group of freshman for literally nothing. So James did the appropriate thing and stepped and told the junior to knock it off. Now james wasn’t a very big dude. Maybe 5’6″ and 120 maybe, give or take and the junior was about 5’11” and 190. A fairly large difference. So this junior dude is like actin all tough and being a douche like usual and James just suckerpunches this dude in the stomach and proceeds to rock this dudes shit.

The junior goes to the hospital and had a broken arm, 3 broken ribs and a pretty messed up face. Nobody really bothered to ask James why he was able to beat this dude up so bad but bottom line is, we all became very scared of James.”


2. Don’t Trask-Talk Anyone’s Mom

“In middle school, my six foot two gentle giant friend who is literally the nicest guy you’d ever meet got teased about his mom by some short popular kid.

My friend no hesitation picked him up by his shirt and slammed him against the locker at eye level and said, “Never talk about my mom like that.”

One of my favorite memories of him.”


1. The Story of Many Women’s Lives…

“A lady where I used to work was subjected to constant sexual harassment by a much older co-worker and the company failed to do anything about it. He was showing up at her house, eventually forcing her to move house. After she moved into the new house he bought the house next door.

She arrived to work with a baseball bat and stopped at reception to ask if “Tom” was in. When they asked why, she calmly told them she was there to kill him.

She walked upstairs to his office (reception called ahead and had him take the fire escape) and she instead demolished his office until the police arrived.

She was not charged. The company and police knew she had announced her intentions to reception as a cry for help so she didn’t actually find him, because it was clear that if she had found him she would have killed him.

She took some sick leave and eventually returned to work. And the company put her on a project with this guy as her manager. because fuck protecting victimized women, right?”


The lesson in these is that we should always be kind and do our best to do right by others.

Which story did you think was the best?

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