One time, in high school

We all have a lot of memories from high school. We all definitely remember the ups, the downs, the funny, the ridiculous, and the absurd things that happened to us on an almost daily basis.

So… I have an idea! Let’s take a (mostly) fun trip down memory lane and relive some of those “great” times with these hilarious and embarrassing high school memories from Twitter users.

Away we go!

1. That looks like a masterpiece to me. What do you think?

2. Hahaha. This kid is obviously the CEO of a major company now.

3. I’m surprised your parents didn’t disown you.

4. Jackie, no one will ever forget this sordid tale…

5. Drew, are you still haunted by these memories?


6. A legendary move! Nice work!


7. Wait a second…you look very familiar to me.

8. He knows. Everyone knows. The whole world knows.

9. Funny how things work out, isn’t it?

10. I don’t like this kind of preferential treatment.

11. We’re here to listen to you and bask in your humiliation.


12. When in doubt, always go with that line.

13. That’s what siblings are for! Epic!

Ahhhhhh. I miss those glory days… when people didn’t have any idea how to really act like a human being and was pretending 95% of the time. What a time that was!

What do you remember from those times? Or do you not remember anything at all? Is your memory THAT bad?

Let us know in the comments and take a walk down memory lane! Or just make something up that’s funny. Either works for us!

Thanks, fam!