Laughter is good for all of us and we need a whole lot of posts like this right now to put us in a better mood and to take our minds off the news of the world.

So what could be better than having all kinds of different people talk about the absolute funniest thing they’ve ever seen in their lives?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Like a cartoon.

“A guy was sprinting down the hall in college, obviously in a hurry. Well, there was a floor mat right before the stairs at the end of the hall.

The mat slipped as soon as he ran on it so he lost his balance but because he has momentum he KEPT ON RUNNING up the stairs, trying to catch himself. SOMEHOW he recovered and just ran out of the building. I could not handle it.”

2. That is great.

“This kid was bugging my friend so she lunged at him like she was going to attack him. He turned to run and ran face first into a pole.

She started laughing and turned to run away because the teachers were headed our way and ran face first into another pole. Both ended up in the nurses office with matching bloody noses and I laughed so hard I had an asthma attack.”

3. Drunken shenanigans.

“This drunk dude at a bar was telling a group of us that there was a guy sitting in a chair outside staring him down. Our friend had poor eyesight, and it didn’t help that he was piss drunk, but he was absolutely convinced that the guy outside wanted to fight him.

We looked outside onto the patio area, and sure enough, there was a “guy” in a chair with an evil look on his face, facing the window to the bar. I should also add that this was close to Halloween, and the “guy” sitting in the chair was a stuffed scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head, with a mean face drawn on it.

We almost let our friend loose on the thing, but it was fucking hilarious watching him rant how he’s going to fucking kill the guy, and to watch his back because the scarecrow probably had friends with him.”

4. How is this even real?

“Once, during college, a group of us saw two blind people walk into each other, and one bounced off and landed in a trashcan. Obviously, this was a shock to both, and the trash can blind person shouted “What are you blind?!”, which was met with a very apologetic “…Yes?”

I will never laugh that hard again. Hell, I’m laughing at it again now just typing this.”

5. Real smooth.

“At work in the lab one day, a senior coworker is up on a ladder and tries to pull a 60lbs power supply unit that costs $70,000 out of the rack we were repairing. Thing falls 7 feet, annihilates a table and another 35k with of equipment and slams on the floor. Coworker looks down from his perch and says, “Cha Cha real smooth” and goes back to work. I fucking lost it.

(I work for a multi billion dollar defense company that had about 50 replacements in the back room. No big deal. But his absolute do-not-give-a-fuck response nailed me.)”

6. You are not Superman.

“In high school one of my friends lived on a cul-de-sac near our school, so this became the nexus of a bunch of gatherings. Our senior year a bunch of us are over there and, being bored high schoolers without much money, came up with a really dumb way to entertain ourselves.

In our infinite wisdom we decide that one person is going to climb into the bed of a pickup truck and hold the handle of a little red wagon, which will be on the ground behind the truck. People will ride in the wagon and hold on for their dear lives while the truck goes up and down the deserted street.

Surprisingly, this does not end in immediate catastrophe. For the most part people just sit in the wagon and are pulled gently along, or crouched so they could bail quickly when things went inevitably awry. That is, until the foreign exchange student decides he’s going to take a turn.

He wants to do something more impressive, so he lies on his stomach on top of the wagon, taking a Superman pose. The guy in the truck bed obviously thinks it’s a bad idea, but he shrugs his shoulders and tells the driver to hit it.

The driver accelerates and the wagon immediately slides out from under our poor foreign friend. For a split second it seems gravity itself is shocked at our stunning stupidity and he hangs in the air, one arm still magnificently outstretched, his other hand on his hip. Then the forces of nature recover their senses and the guy falls flat on the ground.

Fortunately he was left with nothing more serious than a few scrapes for his trouble, and we stopped doing this stupid stunt before a funny story became a hospital trip.”

7. Got your words mixed up.

“We were bringing lunch to the teachers at school and my daughter announced that we made a special soup for Mr. S because he’s a virgin.

Mr. S is a vegan.”

8. Those things are dangerous.

“I was walking through downtown when there was a Segway tour going on across the street. One of the people in the Segway tour lost control and slammed into a pole. I still laugh uncontrollably when I think about it.”

9. A terrible person.

“Posting for my mom, unfortunately I didn’t exist yet when this happened.

So my aunt (mom’s sister) is an incredibly awful person. She has a voice like Ricky’s mom in Better Off Dead, was horribly spoiled by her grand parents (first girl born in 4 generations), and just vindictively mean. She’s the kind of person who goes well out of her way to demean people and convince people everyone hates you. She’s also 5’2” and over 300 lbs.

One day at a family gathering, she goes to sit on a wicker chair. The chair disintegrates under her. She then, while still on the floor, angrily looks at her mother (owner of the once chair) and yells, “what the hell is wrong with your chair?” My mom had to run out of the room she was laughing/crying so hard.”

10. Not gonna work out.

“I was desperate for cash in my late teens so I took a 12 hour shift in a banana packing factory. I ended up working on a conveyor belt – picking the good ‘nanas, throwing away the bad ones…you get the gist.

About half-way through the most soul-sucking, mind-fucking, monotonous working day of my life, I witnessed a man carrying a box of bananas slipping on an escaped banana on the floor, throwing the whole box of lovely yellow fruit into the air and crashing epically into a 6 foot stack of banana boxes.

Naturally, I buckled like a broken stool, rolling around the factory floor pissing my sides. When I managed to compose myself, I realised that no one else had laughed, nor even so much as looked up from the hypnotic conveyor belt.

I decided factories weren’t for me and went back to the books.”

11. Hallelujah!

“I was a Walgreens cashier in an extremely religious neighborhood full of rich old Baptists.

One day a woman comes in to buy cigarettes and is something like three dollars short. She starts digging around in her giant Mary poppins bag, holding up the line. Wastes a good five minutes on it before she dumps the entire thing out on my counter. There, in the detritus of a middle aged housewife’s bag, was a crumpled up $10 bill.

She yells “Hallelujah! The lord is lookin’ out for me!” And hands me the folded up bill.

I unfold it, and it’s one of those fake tens people give waiters as tips. The ones with the Bible quotes on the inside.

Me: God wants you to quit smoking.”

12. Touched by an angel.

“The lady in front of me did a yard sale while waiting in line for the ski lift. For those of you who don’t know, a yard sale in skiing is when you wipeout and loose all of your gear in the process. This lady was in front of me talking to her friend one moment and the next she had exploded with gloves, poles, helmet, goggles, and skis going all different directions.

Somehow it looked like her coat was trying to escape as well. I’ve never seen anything so unexpected, violent, and harmless at the same time. I had to get out of line until I caught my breath from laughing. Nothing caused it. She did not get touched by anything. She just went down hard completely out of the blue.”

13. This is awful and hilarious.

“My best friend used to fight in karate tournaments and was actually pretty good. One time there was no one in his age/belt class to fight so he was invited to fight in an exhibition fight with another kid who didn’t have anyone to fight.

Well, they were wearing head gear so you couldn’t really make out their facial features very well so my friend didn’t realize that he was fighting against a kid with Down’s Syndrome.

He beat the ever loving shit out of this poor kid. The whole time people were telling him to take it easy and giving him dirty looks and shit and he just kept on obliviously beating that kid’s ass.

To this day he’s still known as the guy who relentlessly beat up a disabled kid. He will never live it down as long as I’m alive.”

14. What the f**k?

“I am a northern lights tour guide. Was going for a hunt with a Spanish family, parents and maybe max 5 years old kid. Kid was talking of course only spanish for the whole night. Suddenly we see very beautiful and rapidly moving lights, something that even I don’t see often.

The kid suddenly yells with crystal clear english: “What the fuck?” Me and the parents both just lost it.”

15. Sounds painful.

“In grade 8 gym class, a kid clotheslined himself with a volleyball net. He ran face first into it and his legs went flying out from underneath him. It was like a fucking cartoon.”

Those are hilarious!

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