Have you been the grocery store lately?

Yeah…it’s rough out there…

Because inflation is out of control!

And, with that, it’s time to hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think is WAY too expensive.

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1. Pricey.


Literally the bare minimum was 7k for a loved one I said goodbye to last year and he was even cremated.”

2. Yup.

“Ticketmaster fees.

All these ticketing site fees are out of control really.

Those service fees…”

3. That’s entertainment.

“Digital entertainment.

It’s almost as if they try to make anything productive and healthy as expensive as possible, while providing ample amounts of cheap entertainment to keep us content. “

4. That sucks.

“Dental work.

I started the process of getting a dental implant. I got the tooth pulled, and the screw placed. After that I switched employers. Old employer’s dental coverage was through the same company as the new employer’s.

When it came time to put the crown on, insurance wouldn’t cover that part, because they had a missing tooth clause. So, that last step will be entirely my responsibility.

Insurance in the US is pretty fucked.”

5. Here we go again.

“Printer ink.

It really is a racket, once you go up to the big printers, over 18″ width, ink starts to get much cheaper. Figure like, $80 for a quarter liter, compared to $40 for maybe 10ml for a home inkjet.

Of course the printer actually costs real money, but the quality of the machine and ink are a league beyond home printing, but home inkjet could absolutely be done at a profit without being so insanely marked up.”

6. Outrageous.

“Popeyes 8 piece with 4 biscuits and mash potatoe.

$35 in Troy, Alabama.”

7. That’s messed up.

“Adoption process overall. I agree there should be checks etc. the process itself is difficult and draining between legal fees etc.

My young son said “why is it so expensive to do something good?” He had a point.”

8. Higher education.

“College in the US.

Give someone access to an infinite about of money to borrow from and watch the person trying to sell them something raise the price.

Colleges in the US are incentivized to raise prices because the students will just increase the amount they borrow.”

9. Not having fun.

“Why is life so expensive?

I’m not even having a good time!”

10. Let’s hope so.

“A lot of medications

There’s this one company that’s trying to remedy this by selling every med with only a 15% markup. I haven’t tried it myself but it may be worth checking out at least. Most diabetes stuff on there costs $5-15. Remember when that life saving HIV meds were sold at over $1k? It’s about $15-45 here.

Maybe I’m being too optimistic but it might help some people.”

11. Out of control right now.


There is absolutely no reason that the townhouse I bought 11 years ago should be valued at $260,000 more than I paid for it.”

12. LOL.

“Cat litter.

May as well be buying gold sand for her to s**t in.”

13. Way overpriced.

“Beer at concerts.

That’s why I pregame and sneak a few flasks.

I ain’t paying for that s**t.”

14. Wow.

“All Canadian cell phone plans.

My American friends think I’m insane when I tell them I’m paying over $100 a month for not even unlimited data.”

15. Upset about it.


Chips over here in the UK.

It’s just fried potato chunks, they shouldn’t be costing me around £4.”

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