Not all exits have to be dramatic and public.

And that goes for all kinds of things: bands, celebrities, products, etc.

What quietly went away without anyone noticing?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. That’s depressing.

“The Taco Bell dog.

That ad campaign was was the inspiration for lots and lots of people adopting chihuahuas in the 2000s and then realizing they didn’t want them or couldn’t take care of them.

To this day, chihuahuas are the 2nd most populous dog breed in shelters, right behind bully breeds.”

2. All the rage for a while.

“Net neutrality.

Most providers decided to adhere to net neutrality, understanding that new administrations can change the makeup of the FCC.”

3. Run for it!

“M**der hornets.

It’s one of those rare things that was actually dealt with.

The Washington State department of agriculture did a great job.

None were found in Washington State or in B.C. in 2022.”

4. Gone and forgotten.

“Google +.

Google+ was the only social media our school forgot to block on our laptops, so I used it a lot. R


5. Fading star.

“Taylor Lautner.

He seems like a nice guy but I don’t think he has the acting ability to escape the stigma of being in Twilight like Robert Pattinson.”

6. That’s a bummer.

“Ronald McDonald.

Too many people are petrified of clowns.”

7. Done.

“Ring tones.

Jay Z said no more and they were done.”

8. Very sad!

“So many short-lived Doritos flavors that I still pine for in my dreams.

Salsa Verde was the big one for me, but Fiery Habanero, the Pizza Hut ones, the Taco Bell ones, Tapatio (have seen these within the past year but nowhere near where I live)…

I think Frito-Lay is responsible for my fear of commitment, I know everything I love will just eventually ghost me.”

9. Remember?

“Acid Rain.

It was a huge environmental issue in the late 1970s through the early 1990s.

Rain was acidic and damaged fertile areas among other things. In the US, there was much research done and eventually industrial regulations were put into place. Companies were allowed to decide what approach they chose to take as long as the results showed the appropriate amount of reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions.

Unfortunately, positive news doesn’t sell, so news outlets did not do justice to reporting this success. As we went into the 2000s hardly anyone remembered what was done.”

10. Rich.

“My cousin from any family party he ever came to. He was the master of the quiet exit.

He would show up, make sure he said hello to everyone, maybe carry a beer around and then it was like “Where’s Rich” , every dang time.

He passed away quietly last summer, RIP Rich.”

11. Hollywood legend.

“Jack Nicholson.

He felt his game slipping so he retired.

A couple projects have courted him for a comeback but apparently he has trouble remembering lines now, and he’d rather not go out on a weak note.”

12. Getting pumped up.

“Buying a new game and having a thick chunky manual filled with game lore which you would read before playing and so heighten the anticipation of the game itself.”

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