Look, I’m not here to judge anyone doing their job. I’m bad at everything. Seriously, name a thing, I’ll tell you exactly why I’m bad at it. For instance, I just told you to name something even though I can’t hear you at all, so I’m bad at having conversations. It just goes on and on like that.

I say all this so you understand I’m not throwing shade at the people behind the mistakes in these photos. I couldn’t possibly. I’m so bad at throwing. And I wouldn’t even know how to pick shade up in the first place.

Consider this, rather, a celebration of failing at one’s job. Let’s see who’s feeling kinda dumb right now.

15. Whoever set this up for display

Maybe they were just trying to avoid copyright infringement at the last minute?

14. The programmer behind this

All movies are bad movies. Flee, child, for this world is not for you.

13. Whomever coordinated with the graphic designer on this bus

And kids everywhere rejoiced and bought a pack of Camels to celebrate.

12. Whoever labeled these guns

I’m sorry – I believe you mean “freedom boom booms.”

11. The person who forgot to set the date

It’s best before a template. I don’t even know what that means.

10. The designer who stitched together this photo

I think the more relevant question is “do you need a ride to the hospital?”

9. The employee who set up this display

You’re not you when you’re hungry. Have a pills.

8. The assembler of these bracelets

Ooooo, so close!

7. Whoever made this label

You keep using that word, I’m not sure it means what you think it means.

6. These hatless men

Come on dude, we came here for ONE thing!

5. Whoever iced this cake

Halpy Birtlry calen to you as well.

4. The maker of these cards


3. This roofer

An attempt was made.

2. This tiler

Either a huge mistake or an evil troll.

1. THIS tiler

It’s subtle, but once you see it.

We all fail sometimes. Let’s fail together.

What’s been your biggest fail lately?

Tell us in the comments.