No one can argue that there are many drawbacks to the internet. For most of us, though, gleefully watching people who are rude or just plain wrong get what’s coming to them is one of the best parts of being online.

These 15 people had no idea what was coming for them, but the rest of us, at least, are delighted by their total roasting.

15. This one will never not make me laugh.

I will share it every dang time.

Image Credit: Reddit

14. And not just for the image, either.

This one made me snort.


13. What’s a drive-thru gas station?

I mean, if that’s not what we already have.

Image Credit: Reddit

12. Time to call Guinness.

Well this is just awkward.

Someone get the Guinness Book of World Records on the phone.
byu/Aris-Totally infacepalm

11. Maybe something else.

Something with pictures might be in order.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. And get this. It’s free!

Imagine missing out all of this time.

It’s a new concept
byu/potatosalad001 infacepalm

9. I mean, that’s one option.

They probably aren’t interested, though.

How do I bury my head in the sand?
byu/PercentageFar4213 ininsanepeoplefacebook

8. Time to put up some street lights.

Or give the rover a nice big camera light.

Flat earthers, man…
byu/MaltheTheSecond infacepalm

7. This is funny.

But I guarantee you OP didn’t understand any of it.

saw this on r/rareinsults
byu/karmawhore696969 inMurderedByWords

6. You knew someone wasn’t going to be able to help themselves.

I bet it happened in about ten seconds flat, too.

Image Credit: Reddit

5. Reading comprehension is a thing.

Not a thing some people understand, clearly.

Image Credit: Reddit

4. Are time machines a thing yet?

Because otherwise, we might be out of luck.

Time is relative . . . and mine ain’t rich.
byu/sandweiche inclevercomebacks

3. Sometimes the issues are legit.

Not most of the time, but occasionally.

When entitlement blinds you to reality
byu/beerbellybegone inMurderedByWords

2. That’s not much of a challenge.

Give us a good once!

The double oo education
byu/memezzer inclevercomebacks

1. I will never not laugh at people misusing the Liberian flag.

It’s just too hilarious.

a true Liberian patriot 🇱🇷
byu/Redspire27 infacepalm


Y’all, I sincerely hope this never happens to me, but if it does, I probably deserve it.

What’s the best roast you’ve ever seen online? I’m dying to hear about it down in the comments!