Calling anyone and everyone who loves a good optical illusion – this one is likely to take you more than a few minutes to solve!

Gergey Dudas – aka Dudlof – might be a children’s book illustrator by day, but his fun seek-and-find picture games definitely aren’t (just) for kids. His creative puzzles can stump even the most savvy of adults, and lately he’s been putting them out on a regular basis – because who doesn’t love a good mind-bender, right?

I mean sure, staring at the same image for minutes (or longer) on end might be a time suck, but it’s fun. And not only that, but you can write it off as time spend exercising those underused brain cells, too.

Image Credit: Dudlof

His latest offering is a tiny yellow butterfly hidden among a background of blooming sunflowers. There are cute and furry spring animals in the mix, just to throw you off, so don’t be distracted!

The puzzle itself is very challenging, with the bunny being quite hard to find, even after you skim up and down, left to right, several times.

Can you find it?

How long have you been looking?

Image Credit: Dudlof

Find it yet?

If you’re ready for a hint, don’t worry – we’ve got one for you.

Are you sure?

OK. Focus on the top left corner of the photo this time.

Image Credit: Dudlof

If you’re still struggling, Dudlof shares his solution here – but don’t click until you’re 100% ready to throw in the towel.

Let us know in the comments how long you looked and how long it took you to find it or quit – and if you’re hooked now, make sure to check find the mouse, the tiny snowman, or the heart hiding in this Valentine’s Day puzzle before you get back to work!