The bravest way to exist is to see the world as the flawed place it is and still see beauty and humor. That’s what is all around us if you look. And when you do see it, know you’re also seeing what’s inside you which is beautiful and funny too.

Just like these 15 wholesome animals!

Take a look, fam!

1. Warm your heart by gazing at his ears and feet.

My puppers Ripley!
byu/SirWTFsAlot inaww

2. This kitten is so mad at his mousey-mouse.

Cat playing with toy mouse
byu/elexofttech inaww

3. And I thought missing socks went to a parallel universe.

And with the melting snow, the case of the missing socks was solved
byu/JustALadISuppose inaww

4. Lucy is a lover, not a fighter.

this is Lucy, she likes to pet the other dogs at daycare
byu/MuhammadElahi inaww

5. This squirrel is nuts about this guy.

Took a week but made a friend during quarantine!
byu/gibswim75 inaww

6. Oh, mama.

Dalmatian Momma with her pups
byu/Thund3rbolt inaww

7. Guinea pig to the rescue.

I saw someone’s cat tank and wanted to show you all my guinea pig tank. He’s here to fight your sadness during quarantine.
byu/Summer-Breeze-Reddit inaww

8. Squirrel!

Indian palm squirrel in my Indian palm
byu/menderu inaww

9. Smiling dogs are always appreciated.

can we take a moment to appreciate this dog’s teef
byu/teepurr inaww

10. He was probably pretending to be too tired to walk home a moment ago.

Look how happy he is!
by inaww

11. Best buds.

Pure love
byu/beyzaes inaww

12. But he wants to howl so badly.

My deaf pup can’t howl right
byu/Dmcclain44 inaww

13. Aren’t you loving all these squirrels?

Good news: isolation has got us building picnic tables for squirrels
byu/OyeSimpson inaww

14. It’s hard to imagine how big this little one will be soon.

A little tiger cub hugging the paw of its mother
byu/volavolavolavola inaww

15. It’s a great big, beautiful, funny world out there.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

Don’t you feel better now? See, all you need are pictures of cute animals (and maybe some chocolate). Paying your warm and fuzzy feelings forward is awesome and makes you a helper at the same time. So, share this story with a friend and lighten their load too.