When I was a kid visiting my grandparents house, there was a little macrame picture hanging on the wall.

It featured a kind of skinny little building on a hill, and beneath that, a short poem I’ll never forget:

“On a cold dark night
In a sleepy haze
Be glad these ain’t
The good ol’ days”

I stared at that thing every time I was in there, completely lost as to its meaning. I don’t know why I never just asked my grandparents what it meant, other than the fact that I felt like there was a joke in there, and I hate admitting that I don’t get a joke.

It wasn’t until I was maybe 15 or so, visiting again for some holiday, that the penny dropped. It was an outhouse. The kind my grandparents had actually grown up using. The poem was about being grateful nobody has to go poop outside anymore. What a time to be alive.

But bathroom innovation didn’t end with,  yanno, the bathroom. Check out these Reddit posts about the cutting edge in poopoo peepee tech.

15. I’m blue

Well that’s…bleak.

All of the toilet lights in my town have been changed to fluorescent blue, in an attempt to prevent heroin users from being able to find a vein to use.
byu/sorryimanorwichfan inmildlyinteresting

14. Backup plan

Way to go, bar.

This brewery has a sign in the bathroom that offers a backup plan incase your date isn’t going so well
byu/daffydubs inmildlyinteresting

13. Can’t handle it

That seems a lot more sanitary, actually.

My school’s bathrooms have pedals instead of handles
byu/allygator314 inmildlyinteresting

12. The fresh stuff

Well well well, look at fancy office Maria over here!

The toilet at my work has a wall of strong scented wood to replace an air refresher (it works surprisingly well!)
by inmildlyinteresting

11. Going down

You might call it a sink sink.

These kids toilets in a London museum whose sinks slope to cater for progressively shorter children.
byu/cuttyranking inmildlyinteresting

10. Visibility

I’m totally on board for this. But also my neck hurts from reading it sideways.

[deleted by user]
by inmildlyinteresting

9. Safety first

Just don’t mix it up with the soap.

This zoo has a complimentary sunscreen dispenser in the bathroom.
byu/hotdee7 inmildlyinteresting

8. Date protection

Seriously, this should be widespread.

Every restroom needs one
byu/TimeVendor inpics

7. White noise

Japan is so far ahead of us with toilet stuff.

Japanese toilets often have a button that plays white noise/water sounds so you can poop without other people hearing your business.
byu/mikieliza inmildlyinteresting

6. Code red

Clever and discreet.

The bathroom at my doctor’s office has a discreet way for victims of abuse, violence, or human trafficking to get help.
byu/theryanfight inmildlyinteresting

5. Kid seat

For the tiny butts among us.

Public toilet at shopping centre has a extra smaller toilet seat for little humans.
byu/im-Scary-Terry-bitch inmildlyinteresting

4. Free means free

As it ought to be.

My office flipped all the women’s restroom vending machines to be free.
byu/ScoopOKarma inmildlyinteresting

3. Gender neutral

The way of the future.

I have a Gender neutral bathroom at my High school
byu/McquacK__ inmildlyinteresting

2. Cool glasses

For when you gotta temporarily hang up your style.

This toilet lock that doubles as a tray so you can’t leave without taking your stuff.
byu/notanaijin inmildlyinteresting

1. Pet stop

Puppers need poopers too.

Pet bathroom at the Burbank Airport.
byu/disneyway inmildlyinteresting

The future of 1 and 2 look bright.

If you were redesigning your bathroom any way you want, what would you do with it?

Tell us in the comments.