All kinds of people think they have great ideas for new and necessary products all the time, but the real test is whether or not other people think they’re great.

And these 15 inventors definitely had something on their hands, because when potential customers heard about their innovative ideas, they just knew they had to have it.

1. It’s applicable in many scenarios.

But definitely in this one, it appears.

This T Shirt from INEEEEDIT

2. Why have I never seen this before?

It’s brilliant!

This flash drive that shows how full it is. from INEEEEDIT

3. Those are beautiful.

I don’t think they’re technically blackout curtains, though.

Awesome Black Out Curtains from INEEEEDIT

4. Nerds come up with the best stuff.

You cannot change my mind.

House key from INEEEEDIT

5. For the most spoiled of pups.

I wholly approve.

Noise-cancelling dog house that can keep your pup calm during fireworks and thunderstorms (a prototype by Ford, using technology created for high-end vehicles) from INEEEEDIT

6. I would absolutely never leave it.

Which is perhaps the point.

This Bed from INEEEEDIT

7. I could stare at this for a long time.

It’s a conversation piece for sure.

Wooden lamp that looks like it’s burning from INEEEEDIT

8. Incredibly useful in our brave new world.

Simple and elegant is sometimes best.

A charger that sits flat when using so that you don’t bend and break it from INEEEEDIT

9. IDK this kind of freaks me out.

I know it’s not real, and yet…

Radioactive drop nightlight. from INEEEEDIT

10. Who wouldn’t love this?

Kids, adults – it’s for everyone!

Alternative slide to stairs from INEEEEDIT

11. Aww, bless their hearts.

And you no longer have to fish dead animals out, so win/win.

Animal-saving escape ramp for pools. I don’t even have a pool, but this could be extremely important for any animal that could drown in someone’s pool. from INEEEEDIT

12. I have one of these, so I guess it’s working out well.

And yes, it’s a genius little thing.

This phone throne from INEEEEDIT

13. I need these immediately.

Like, yesterday.

These cards 🙂 from INEEEEDIT

14. OMG stop it.

I don’t need it, but I want it.

Adorable penguin egg cooker from INEEEEDIT

15. This is so wrong.

I need it immediately.

Julius Cesar Pencil Holder from INEEEEDIT

I’ve gotta say, I have to agree with most of these. People are so clever sometimes!

What product have you seen and immediately had to have? Tell us about it in the comments!