I’ve just uncovered a lot of shocking facts and statistics about marriage which frankly I’m not sure you’re ready for.

For instance, did you know that 100% of marriages end in an “s?”

But it doesn’t stop there. Check out these astonishing marriage facts, brought to us by Twitter.

15. You can’t burn everything

I know, I was as surprised as you were.

14. Keys are key

And the search for them will bring you together.

13. Advice is often contradictory

You gotta listen for the notes they’re not playing.

12. Home safety is tantamount

You’ll want to make sure you’re performing routine checks.

11. Sofas can double as beds

Any ol’ one, really.

10. There is a junk system

And it must be followed exactly.

9. Not sharing is caring

This is how we maintain the peace.


8. You must share control

Of all kinds.

7. Communication is key

And maybe just don’t buy chips.

6. Designated toilets

It really speaks for itself.

5. There are dangerous games involved

And I’m not just talking about Monopoly.

4. You don’t have to see everything

And some things are cursed.

3. Vengeance takes many forms

And they are ugly as sin.

2. Your pets start to resemble you

And maybe a little bit vice-versa.

1. You’ll find your strength in unexpected places

Truly, what would I do without you?

If you’ve read all of that and you’re still ready to get married, just know that you’ll be walking in prepared now.

What are some other facts about relationships in your experience?

Tell us about it in the comments.

Thanks, fam!