I think my favorite thing about text conversations is that they just never go away if we don’t want them to.

We can immortalize them, not just through the various built-in options our phones have for archiving, but through screenshots, the quickest way not just to save a moment of conversation but to spread it far and wide across the internet.

Which is what these wonderful souls did when they found themselves within a chat that just did not go like they were expecting. Thanks, Twitter.

15. Fun in the sun

Thanks for clarifying the reason behind funerals, though.

14. Your what?

I like how he’s just being totally straightforward. Like he knows he’s screwed now.


13. Smoke ’em up

Who exactly does your brother live with?


12. The devil within

I really don’t understand you young people and your sensual talk.

11. Coming out

Context really is key.


10. I’ll try

Our bodies don’t stay 20 forever.


9. Wait who?

What kind of games are you playin’ here?

8. A strong personality

This might be the lowest effort I’ve ever seen.


7. The vaccine?

Yeah, sure, that’s what I’m asking.


6. Push notification

These things are getting out of control.


5. Like a virgin

Being stuck for the very first time.

4. The big lie

The one we all tell each other in circles every day.


3. Leave me alone

Where there’s smoke…

2. Giving thanks

I just think they’re neat.

1. It’s in the stars

Bruh you have no idea how exhausting this is about to get.


Man. That is some straight talk right there.

What’s the best conversation you’ve had recently?

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