Let’s not beat around the bush: “adulting” is hard. Some of us are better prepared for the challenges of adulthood than others, but at times it’s tiring, maddening, and exhausting.

I mean, why didn’t they teach us how to do this in school? Instead we’re reading 19th century novels? WHY???????

Maybe we should have learned these skills before we entered adulthood? Perhaps!

In any event, here are 14 reasons why adults need more skills to pay the bills…

1. The progression

The cheese is quite expensive, though…

2. Not much fun

But now there’s so many ways to get things delivered!

3. Everything is so damn expensive

How much is milk? What?!?!!

4. All that junk mail, fam!

Why is there even a thing like mail anyway?

5. Sad, but true

I think they need to fix this immediately!

6. That’s life

Why can’t you all just stay the f**k in there, already?!?

7. Let’s go over this one more time

I really hate using exclamation points!

8. Just three more minutes

The game is real.

9. Ugh, don’t remind me

Money goes so quickly!

10. Double-edged sword

More like double stuff Oreos…

11. Wait a second…

Those sinus infections, though…

12. I relate to this so hard

If you can save some cents, save some cents!

13. Yep, you’re pretty much stuck with yourself

Time to accept it!

14. Nowhere to run

But plenty of work left to do! Ha!

Ok, that’s enough laughing: back to work!

Alright, not quite yet. We want to hear from you!

Which one of these did you relate to the hardest?

Let us know in the comments!