Cats can be real jerks, don’t you agree? And what could be more offensive and rude than cats crashing nativity scenes?

Seems a little blasphemous and disrespectful, doesn’t it? You bet it does.

But these cats simply don’t care…let’s look at the evidence of how these felines ruined Christmas for these families.

1. What happened to everybody?


2. Where’s Loki?

Our cat Loki invaded next doors Nativity Scene, His face is hilarious
by incats

3. Feral cats are crashing.

Feral cat manger

4. Jesus looks…a little different.

The Jesus in our crib is a bit fat, furry and pointy eared.. but undeniably cute!
byu/themusicalduck incats

5. Are you comfortable?

6. O, Holy Cat…

7. Stuffed into the manger.


8. Snug as a bug.

My in-laws cat is really getting into the Christmas spirit this year
byu/Chainsaw_Smurfchops infunny

9. Blends right in.

“Baby in a manger” (btw her name is actually baby)

10. Am I lost?

Parent’s cat decided to become part of the nativity scene.
byu/Seekr12 incats

11. Mine now.


12. The cat is being worshipped.


13. The Wise Men were eaten.

14. The newborn Cat, I mean King…


15. Away in a manger…


Has your little troublemaking kitty cat ever done this at your house?

If so, share some pics with us in the comments!