Our pets may drive us up a wall some days, but when we look into their sweet faces the troubles they cause doesn’t seem that bad? Are we terrible pet parents or just very understanding?

I’ll take understanding because look at those faces!

Here are 15 pets too cute to be in trouble.

1. Unnecessary perhaps…

But kitty needed tea.

So unnecessary
byu/TheFckestUpest inAnimalsBeingJerks

2. I have a theory.

Kitty was trying to read the books and got sleepy.

Cause there was absolutely no other place in this house for you to lay?! Ransacking my bookself and pulling out my books to do the plop on them was your only option?
byu/FatGhoulSacrifice inAnimalsBeingJerks

3. She only wants to make sure you don’t leave while she’s asleep.

It’s called love.

This is Mucha and she sleeps like this. I was told she belongs here.
by inAnimalsBeingJerks

4. Dog hats are all the rage.

Don’t you want one?

[deleted by user]
by inAnimalsBeingJerks

5. It wasn’t so much trying to kill your plants.

As much as it was cultivating a new garden.

I was wondering why my succulents were dying…
byu/Sevendevils777 inAnimalsBeingJerks

6. It’s a gift.

We’re jealous we can’t squeeze ourselves into cabinets.

No words. Took him 3 seconds
byu/tiggerginger12 inAnimalsBeingJerks

7. Why put together a puzzle when you can play with the kitty?

Play-time is over.

Destroying puzzle pieces and rolling around, spreading bastardness
byu/potatoes_cheese inAnimalsBeingJerks

8. Feed that cat.

He’s not fat, he’s fluffy.

He’s on a diet. It’s not going great.
byu/pickles-and-mayo inAnimalsBeingJerks

9. He’s not stealing.

He’s only borrowing the binky.

He stole the babies binky, but he is as cute!
byu/KDIMOND023 inaww

10. Scrabble with cats is not possible.

It’s not that they can’t play Scabble, they just don’t want to.

Trying to play scrabble when you have a cat
byu/quiet__is__violent inAnimalsBeingJerks

11. Cats need to nap on the heating vents.

We can nap under a blanket.

My boyfriend was wondering why his room is so cold.
byu/ThisIsNotCat inAnimalsBeingJerks

12. A cat’s rightful place.

We ride at dawn!

Assert dominance over humanity
by inAnimalsBeingJerks

13. Eating books is a huge sin.

But I can tell he’s sorry.

Bought Harry Potter book and my dog ended destroying it. I had like 5 pages left to read and the worst is he bit off the last words of those pages 😭
byu/ivatwist inAnimalsBeingJerks

14. The plant didn’t look right in the room anyway.

Kind of look like the plant attacked the kitty.

Whats up hooman
byu/armaneverafter inAnimalsBeingJerks

15. Kitty gets credit for being so resourceful.

Babies usually mean milk.

I finally caught him in the act.
byu/Kangadrew5 infunny

It’s a doggo and kitty world and we’re just living in it. So, forgive us if we just can’t stay mad at our sweet pets. They don’t mean to be bad. They just are bad and that’s okay.

Which picture do you think is unforgivable? Tell us in the comments.