It’s true what they say: Kids really do say the darndest things. And if you don’t laugh, you might just cry instead.

These parents had a good laugh when their 4-year-old daughter asked Mommy why her bra was in Daddy’s car. Mommy, meanwhile, knows that she hasn’t left a bra in Daddy’s car, so is naturally suspicious.

But when everyone goes outside to the car to have a look at this so-called “bra,” they’re all in for a laugh.

Just take a look yourself:


Naturally, people thought this whole scenario was hilarious:

And pointed out that their daughter is already picking sides:

Which some people pointed is a good thing for a family:

Other people shared similar stories involving their kids:

The original story is enough to make you laugh out loud, particularly because of the delivery. We like how the dad built suspense and ended with a photo of the “bra” in question, too.

What funny or accidentally bad things have your children said to you? Any similar stories?

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