Can we all stand up and give our teachers a HUGE round of applause?

They really do have a rough gig. They work long hours, deal with those little angels all day, and then continue to work when they get home at night.

It never ends!

But at least they have a good sense of humor about the chaos unfolding around them.

Teachers, these tweets are for you!

1. Please don’t eat that.

2. This doesn’t look good.

3. That’s very unfortunate.

4. You did it!

5. Just don’t do it in front of the kids.

6. That looks very stressful.

7. Time to dive back in.

8. Sad, but true.

9. No “me” time.

10. Back off, pal.

11. Nothing more satisfying.

12. Check in on them once in a while.

13. Gonna be tricky.

14. Sounds like a good use of time.

15. They’re really not good at that “no touching” thing.

Teachers, we’re behind you! We feel your pain! Or, at least we’re trying to…

Power through the week and enjoy the weekend…if you don’t have a stack of papers to grade.