Autocorrect has been around for as long as the smartphone itself. It was initially developed by Ken Kocienda and his team at Apple for their operating system Project Purple, which would come to fruition as the first iPhone.

Said Kocienda, “It wasn’t easy to figure out how software might come to our rescue and how much our algorithms should be allowed to make suggestions or intervene to fix typing mistakes. I wrote the code for iPhone autocorrection based on an analysis of the words we type most commonly, the frequency of words relative to others, and the errors we’re most likely to make on a touchscreen keyboard.”

In other words, they knew typing with your thumbs was gonna end in a bunch of nonsense, and they tried to make a digital assistant to help you out.

But how well did it work? Let’s let Twitter decide.

15. All blown up

Ain’t it the truth.

14. Captain Caps

Maybe it’s smarter than we give it credit for.

13. How the tables have turned


12. Contractions and contradictions

What is so hard to understand about this?

11. Not a morning person

You get me. Dawn is death.

10. Eating my feelings

Come on, leave me alone.

9. In the mix

Well that just sounds WAY more fun.


8. Carpe diem

It’s gonna be a great time.


7. Good for thought

Robots don’t eat, that’s why they suck so bad.

6. Wine about it

Maybe it thought you meant “whine and die.”

5. Spell it out

Why must you let me suffer when you know full well what I need?

4. Word of the day

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

3. Soon and very soon

The suspense is killing me.

2. Dying slowly

Hey, it’s really the best we can hope for.

1. In your dreams

We all have ’em.


I think those are pretty ducking great.

Is autocorrect more helpful or hurtful?

Give us your opinion in the comments.