Life can be a major grind, and that’s why every once in a while, you need to see some wholesome content so you can put a big ol’ smile on your face.

I don’t know about you, but I need this in my life right now.

1. Be nice to EVERYONE, including your servers.

Because they’re not robots, so they shouldn’t be treated as such.

Be nice to the people who serve you.
byu/paneerdonut inwholesomememes

2. Granny is killin’ it!

Clothing game on point!

John Cena’s grandma
byu/Bmchris44 inwholesomememes

3. They’re doing it together.

And they’re doing it right.

Let’s resuce another one
byu/Hunters12 inwholesomememes

4. What a nice kid.

That’s how you do it!


5. Made up for it.

Oh, kids are fun.

6. Let’s talk about it.

Your kids need to trust you. Discuss.

Wholesome Dad
byu/irishrugby2015 inwholesomememes

7. That is the right answer, kitty.

Meow then… I’m not kitten around.

Wholesome teacher
byu/Maras123 inwholesomememes

8. This person is a hero.

Saved so much lipstick!


9. He’s pretty happy!

It’s finally later!

Cute boi….. Look at his little smile
byu/Bellchamel0000 inwholesomememes

10. Now I’m crying.

What a rollercoaster ride that sentence was!

Best Mom ever
byu/CaptainVidia inwholesomememes

11. Dear and Moose.

The cutest story evah!

Wholesome Marriage
byu/LtGasMask inwholesomememes

12. Uh oh, look what you did.

But… not necessarily a BAD thing, right?


13. Don’t ever be mean to your Mom.

She’ll never let you forget it.

i sent this to my mom while we were in the store and she hugged me in front of everybody. i didn’t stop her though, i let her hug me in public.
byu/SliccSwipe inwholesomememes

14. Never thought of it that way.

I’ve got a whole new appreciation for Jon, now!


15. A nice human connection.

Give all those people all the waves! Because why not, right?

We’re not all bad
byu/Potle09 inwholesomememes

Ahhhh, that feels a lot better, doesn’t it? And if it doesn’t feel better… I mean… are you in such a good mood that more good things don’t make you feel better?

Listen, we can clear this up right now.

Share a wholesome thought, memory, or story with us in the comments so we can keep this feeling going all day!