There was a lot to love about growing up in the 80s and 90s.

For one thing, cable news was just in its infancy too.

And maybe because there was no internet, it seemed like there was just less of everything, which gave us a lot of shared cultural touchstones to feed the nostalgia monster.

So without further ado, here are 16 things for those of us over-30s to bond over.

1. Perfection

Quite possibly the raison d’être for all modern therapy offices today.

2. Snackwells desserts

Quite possibly the raison d’être for the modern gym industry?

3. Computer speakers

Through which you could enjoy the snap-crackle-and-pop before your dial-up tones started.

I see your 90’s PC speakers and I present to you the 90’s computer speakers that oddly hooked onto the side of a computer monitor like a pair of ears.
byu/kevincreeperpants innostalgia

4. Weird art supplies

I don’t actually remember these, but I 100% know I wanted one, because I wanted them all.

The Rainbow Art Sponge Set commercial
byu/believeinthebazinga innostalgia

5. Friendship knot bracelets

I may have just realized the origin of my obsession with crafting gifts for people.

6. Gymnastics Barbie

“She moves like you!” – Well… not like me, because I was never that flexible.
But who among us did not want to be Dominique Moceanu long after we were too old to play with Barbies?

7. Library checkout cards

It was like a weird form of spying on people.
Learning the secrets of what they liked to read.

Library book checkout card
byu/optionaloptimist innostalgia

8. Eyewitness books

These are amazing, and they’re still around.
And they’re definitely on my library checkout card.

Eyewitness Books
byu/SmiteAsWell innostalgia

9. Weird cartoons

Yeah, but which one of you didn’t just go, “Oh wow, I remember Snorks”?

10. Fashion plates

I didn’t have any, but I definitely played with them.
We really loved doing crayon rubbings in the 90s, didn’t we?

11. Madeline

Honestly, I loved Madeline, but it did cement my fear of getting appendicitis.
But did you know she wasn’t French?!

12. Brain Quest!

I have VIVID memories of playing with this in the back of our van on the drive to Florida.
Don’t worry, I had a Gameboy back there too. It was a long drive.

Who else used “Brain Quest” to play school/teacher as kid?
byu/jenlycole innostalgia

13. Velcro Throw & Catch

Man I was a sucker for this kind of stuff.
Also: everything Nerf.

Velcro™ Throw and Catch Game
byu/damiansouthpaw innostalgia

14. Fancy beaded coin purses

I legit carried my lunch money to school in one.

15. Slap bracelets

What I wouldn’t give to rock one of these again.

16. Ball hair ties

We called them ponytail holders. I wonder if it was a regional thing.

Of course the best thing about childhood is the lack of responsibility, and man that’s a feeling that came rushing back for me looking at all of these.

What was your favorite thing from the 80s or 90s? Tell us in the comments!