When I was very little, I was terrified of dogs.

No one really knows why. Maybe because the whole neighborhood had Labradors who would chase me and knock me down.

They thought we were playing. I thought I was dinner.

Eventually, because my sister wanted one, I agreed that we could get a dog if it was a little one, and we soon welcomed a terrier pup into the family.

Now, as an adult, I love doggos. (I still don’t love Labs though. Sorry most popular breed on the planet.)

There’s just nothing quite like a dog to bring a smile to your face.

Here are 16 of the best doggos that ever graced the internet.

1. Live from Puppy Camp

I’ve frankly never seen a happier camper.

A very happy Branch Manager 😂
byu/MargeryCranor inaww

2. The name’s Melon. Super Melon.

Here to rescue all your summer cookouts, picnics, and play dates.

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask
byu/trwwy321 inaww

3. Now that’s a giant dog I could learn to love

Because what kid wouldn’t want a life-sized (and living!) teddy bear?

Some images require no title, just a smile.
byu/CountrymanR60 inaww

4. File under “Things you didn’t know were possible”

That is one gorgeous pup.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

5. That little puppy wanted to be his Number One

And Sir Pat Stew said, “Make it so!”

Sir Patrick Stewart and a one week old puppy ❤️
byu/LtlPwny inaww

6. Sounds like the perfect compromise!

I want to give him all the skritches.

After 30 Years of Begging My Parents For A Dog, We Compromised and I Moved Out, Got A Gf and Got A Dog. Reddit, Meet Zeus! (Border Collie/Australian Shepard)
byu/Viper1089 inaww

7. Wild Bill is a very good pet parent

And that heeler is a very good girl.

My 11yr old dog is blind but still loves hiking so I got her doggles to protect her eyes from sticks
byu/WildBill- inaww

8. Besties

It’s good to have a big best friend.

This cat from my neighborhood always protects his little dog friend and I thought this picture can brighten up someone’s day:)
byu/natisan5 inaww

9. OG in the house

She has aged well. She doesn’t look a day over 12.

This is Kabosu, she’s 15 years old and was the original face of the doge meme in 2013
byu/haddock420 inaww

10. So many friendly interpretations to unpack

a) Did you bring my friend a friend?
b) Do you need a friend to keep you company?
c) Can you take this friend to my other friend across town?
d) Whatcha doing, friend?

I’m an Amazon delivery driver and was greeted by this today.
byu/Snake_of_Undaunted inaww

11. Use the force, Pup

What an absolute glamor shot!

May The Fourth Be With You!
byu/zedscience1 inaww

12. Twinsies and BFFs 4EVR

It’s good to feel loved by a bestie.

Oreo with some Carmel on top ❤️
by inaww

13. Even if you have to go to school to find them

(They think they’re twins too. Look at those faces!)

Meet Wallace and Charlie. They met in February in puppy class. Both were nervous about making friends but not anymore.
byu/JohnGilbonny inaww

14. Home is where the kisses are

And he knows that he’s finally home.

Meet Harvey, his last night sleeping at the shelter was yesterday. Tonight and for the rest of his life he will sleep like a KING.
byu/storeyvicky1728 inaww

15. World traveler

Very good at photos.

“Well, why not”
by inaww

16. One of these things is not like the others

But he promises to be SUCH a good boy!

This tiny Fox has been visiting our garden every day and wants to be friends..
by inaww

Now don’t you feel warm and fuzzy just like all those sweet puppies (plus one friendly fox)? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!