If there’s one thing that seems to be more and more prevalent in the world today and that I cannot actually stand it’s entitled people. If you spend too much time on social media it can actually seem as if entitled people are everywhere, but hopefully that’s just an illusion.

And if entitled people are annoying, entitled parents are a whole other level – you’re supposed to be at a point in your life when you’re ok with sacrificing things for little humans, not still demanding extra of others, right?

These 16 people apparently didn’t get the memo, though, because they are so entitled it actually made me see red.

16. This is hilarious.

As if teachers don’t have enough crap to deal with these days.

Thinking you deserve a full salary for babysitting your own kids while they do schoolwork.
byu/jbosch2 inChoosingBeggars

15. “She gets that from me.”

Hey, you don’t say?

Mother demands you only buy specific gifts for birthday and holiday. For context, the child is like 4 years old.
byu/midnightsun08 inChoosingBeggars

14. I’m pretty sure that “sorry we’re out” is still acceptable.

What one earth were these parents thinking?

Choosing beggars: Halloween Edition
by inChoosingBeggars

13. Wow, this is a whole big mess.

I have no idea where to even start.

byu/TheBreakUp2013 inChoosingBeggars

12. He’s a little entrepreneur.

But he doesn’t have any friends. Huh.

Strangers wont give my kid Airpods or money?! Thanks for ruining his Christmas!
byu/KetoMyLastHope inChoosingBeggars

11. Two. The kid is two.

I doubt she even knows what a concert is, right?

She wanted to take her 2 year old daughter to a Marilyn Manson concert
byu/gethysiu inChoosingBeggars

10. Is she…serious?

That’s not how any of this works.

Choosing mother tries to trick good guy neighbor into paying child support.
byu/grubbygrampa inChoosingBeggars

9. It’s called the consequences of your actions, ma’am.

I am not working for 12 hours for free. Nope.

Do 12 hours free labour because I’m a single parent!!!
byu/trandafir00 inChoosingBeggars

8. Why do these people think strangers care about their kids?

I can promise you that they do not and this is not going to work.

Christmas Day discounts for second hand cars??
byu/Terrifiedspork inChoosingBeggars

7. Could it be she’s busy with her own kids?

I’m just spitballing here.

Apparently being a SAHM means you should give away free childcare
byu/Tindal_5335 inChoosingBeggars

6. Look you can stay here on our mattress.

Take it or leave it.

My bf’s mom is coming to visit us, and she suggested we buy a mattress, when we were offering to pay for a hotel for her and she could just bring an air mattress that she already owns.
byu/angelinchains23 inChoosingBeggars

5. First, who leaves their baby during Christmas?

Second, I will never understand people who don’t see anything wrong with underpaying the people who watch their KIDS.

[deleted by user]
by inChoosingBeggars

4. Unless they’re your parents…

You’re going to have to pay them. Sorry?

Imagine being upset over not being able to find someone who is willing to watch your children for free.
byu/NotATransponster inChoosingBeggars

3. Since when are babysitters free?

Like, what world is this lady living in?

Sister sent me this…she was blocked immediately after
byu/VortexThing inChoosingBeggars

2. I don’t think anyone will be offended by no response.

Since no one is going to contact you.

Anyone who will voluntarily babysit for 65 cents an hour does NOT have your child’s best interest at heart
by inChoosingBeggars

1. It’s FREE tutoring?

Are they serious with this verbal abuse?

I provide free tutoring to students in my program with disabilities. This parent made me want to quit.
byu/PM_ME_YOUR_LAWNCHAIR inChoosingBeggars

Y’all, don’t be like these people. And while you’re at it, teach your kids that the world doesn’t owe them anything, either.

Have you come across some super entitled parents in your day? Give us all the details in the comments!