Anyone who has ever worked retail knows that the customer is NOT always right.

It’s a nice idea, a sort of utopian plan for customer service.

But sometimes, customers get it so wrong that you can’t even pretend they were right.

1. Maybe the confusion lies in the fact that the plural is Lego

But it says the number of pieces right on the box!


2. And who among us hasn’t broken something glass at Old Time Pottery?

But not on PURPOSE though. Never on purpose.

3. This one just makes me want to be sick ?

Who taught them so incorrectly?

What the actual fuck?
byu/ChiefTwoDogsFucking infacepalm

4. Maybe it wasn’t close enough to its best by date?

Can you imagine?

Customers be like…
byu/vt8919 inmildlyinfuriating

5. Taking it upon yourself to mix and match

Build your best 6-pack. Really?!

Just had a customer come up and try to purchase this. Said 6 cans of Sprite was too much.
byu/SomLuzur infacepalm

6. When your pizza is just bread

I have questions.

Twitter : Pizza came with no toppings complain
byu/ion_ inUnexpected

7. I really want to know what size they were expecting

Because… Jupiter is… yeah…

Life Size
byu/Arborealbro infacepalm

8. All I’m saying is math is hard

Especially on an empty stomach.
And sometimes people’s heads are harder.

9. Sometimes plugs are hard too

So close!

The customer complained about the printer not working even though he plugged it in. This picture was sent in our WhatsApp group after my colleague went to him to check.
byu/geekman20 infacepalm

10. The thing about this newfangled technology…

It makes old technology so confusing.

An Amazon question about a, yes you guessed it, camera.
byu/dontfearlionhere infacepalm

11. I bet this guy makes funny jokes about women

And how they don’t know anything about cars…

A customer came into autozone asking for blinker fluid. He handed me this and said it was about half empty
byu/ehanda21 infunny

12. This reminds me of a scene from Little Fires Everywhere

Look, they want what the want, ok? They know what they like.

Customer is always right
byu/Bild incringepics

13. But who would expect cellophane to come in such a large roll?

What are you even going to do with industrial-sized cellophane?

To buy silver wrapping paper…
byu/samfox11223 intherewasanattempt

14. I don’t work for Instacart, but I encounter this a lot

“Yes,” to an either/or question is not an answer!

May seem small, but this happens atleast five times a week with customers on Instacart.
byu/TaviKae inmildlyinfuriating

15. To be fair to the customer, support could have phrased it differently

Or walked them through going to the right place to tell them the model number.

16. To be fair to the customer again, you’re not really meant to SERVE the bay leaf

Those things aren’t actually edible!

Chipotle customers with no knowledge of what a bay leaf is
byu/whitemike40 infacepalm

Those all gave me the shivers and made me glad I don’t work in retail.

What do you think? Is the customer right no matter what?

Share your thoughts in the comments.