I am not patient. And Time seems pass too quickly, except when I’m impatient.

Then it’s eternally slow.

In the epic tome that, full disclosure, I have not read, War and Peace, Tolstoy wrote:

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

And as a person lacking in patience, I think I’d have to agree.

Time can do amazing work to wear things down and alter them until they’re almost unrecognizable.

Here is a small but amazing selection of things worn away or changed by Time.

1. Walking Liberty dollar

I used to carry one of these in my pocket every day too. Now I sort of wish I hadn’t stopped!

My grandfathers Liberty Dollar he carried for 50+ years because “a man’s always gotta have a dollar in his pocket”. Took a few attempts to get it, but you can still make out Lady Liberty.
byu/_leftbanks_ inWellworn

2. Copper colored crayon

Mind. Blown. I had no idea it contained actual copper!

This old copper crayon turned green
byu/itsnotamountainlion inmildlyinteresting

3. Layers of paint

Remarkable. I wonder how many layers there are in my house.

Years of paint build up I chipped of an old trestle at work.
byu/AusShroomer inmildlyinteresting

4. The Berlin Wall

Not to be outdone, check out these layers.

Berlin wall: graffiti spray paint layers on a broken piece
by ininterestingasfuck

5. Old Yoda key chain

Pointy, his ears are no longer.

When 900 years old, you reach, look as good, you will not.
byu/enventim inWellworn

6. The well-loved stuffed friend

We all have one. They’re perfect.

Mom surprised me with the brand new version of my 27 year old childhood stuffed animal.
byu/KatieCat420Lulz inmildlyinteresting

7. Microwave light bulb

Why are they so pretty when they die? Is this how they make marbles??

Burned out microwave bulb left this smoke pattern inside
byu/l1t1g8r inmildlyinteresting

8. A knife, half gone from use

It’s quite something to behold.

Knife at my work that’s halfway gone from sharpening
byu/dillferino inmildlyinteresting

9. A shovel, trying to keep up with the knife

I’d like to know more about the 9,000 trees!

Planting 90,000ish trees take a few inches of shovel
by inmildlyinteresting

10. A boot, worn out from walking

I can’t believe it was only 6 years! Were they worn while planting the 9,000 trees?

They served me well for 6 years but it was time. $220 plus a $60 resole a couple years ago from the local cobbler. Looking forward to another 6 years. I’ve blown through $200+ Red Wings and Timberlands in months but these never failed me. (The holes happened a few months ago.)
byu/TigerBlue12 inWellworn

11. A statue, worn out from touching

Ronaldo is one of the greats. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The colors of this Bronze Cristiano Ronaldo statue is fading where people touch it the most
byu/joshi97 inmildlyinteresting

12. Another statue

Because people are the same everywhere. They really like touching.

The uneven wear on the penis of this human statue due to people stroking it over the years shows that humans can’t resist stroking penises even if they are not real
byu/TheIncorporeal ininterestingasfuck

13. People are so much alike that together they can leave shadows behind


The walls in this old coffeehouse have shadows where people used to sit
byu/vadisus inmildlyinteresting

14. And they’re always losing their purse

Such a cool, human thing to find.

100 Years Ago Someone Lost Their Coin Purse

15. The Great Wall of China

Look at the state of those stairs after so many years.

Stairs on the Great Wall of China. How many people do you think have walked on them?
byu/g6rf8 ininterestingasfuck

16. WWI pocket watch

An absolutely incredible treasure.

My great grandfather’s British Army issue pocket watch along with the German bullet that it stopped in France 1914.
byu/Marshal_Soult ininterestingasfuck

These examples really illustrate how intriguingly Time can alter things.

Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!