I see you there. You look a little down and I think you need to be cheered up a little bit.

Well, guess what? I have just the thing! Funny tweets!

Enjoy these tweets and remember to keep your spirit up, friends!

1. It never ends…

2. This is really good.

3. This dog is mesmerized.


4. Let us pray.

5. You said that out loud.

6. Run for it!


7. Oh right…I knew that…

8. You might need to actually show up.

9. Always be supportive.


10. Are you sure?

11. We found out that was a lie.

12. Might be time to get your own place.


13. Of course he did.


14. We’re still together.

15. Tell me what’s wrong.

16. Don’t see that every day.

Those definitely turned my frown upside down!

How about you? Did these put a smile on your face?

Tell us which one was your favorite in the comments!