You don’t even really have to try to make heartwarming, sweet, or hilarious posts about your pets. We take a million pictures of them every day and share them with our friends, but is that really enough?

I say no. You’ve got a whole internet’s worth of people and their pets, after all, so why not do your best to see all of them?

Here are 21 we don’t think you’ll want to miss, so dive in!

16. Parenting is hard.

But it’s almost always adorable.

15. The older my dog got, the more he did this.

Like, “I’m not a young pup anymore, Mother.”

14. Siamese cats are extra.

Disney definitely got that part right.


13. Cat owners, I hope that you’re taking note.

This is all very important information.

12. My big dog is terrified of her shadow.

And she only wants to be friends with the little dogs at the park.

11. It’s probably best you don’t ask questions.

The cat is definitely not going to answer them.

10. Sometimes you don’t have a lot to share.

But your pets will always love you.

13. This cat is all of us.

There are just way too many Zoom meetings.

9. They are actually training us.

Let’s be honest.

8. I mean, who doesn’t?

We’re all with you, Glenn.


7. I’d love to know who she’s waiting for.

Get that kitty a widow’s walk!

6. What a distinguished gentleman.

That’s what you get for naming him Stan.

5. Well that’s a whole mood.

It’s me in front of a plate of ribs.

4. Cast this cat in the remake of Ghost.

I’m not sure that’s a remake that’s ever going to happen.

3. How did this predicament happen.

Very undignified, Sir.

2. When are cats not hungry for a whole rotisserie chicken?

But I mean, to be fair, they are delicious.

1. It seems like it fits him.

Just look at that sassy face.

I could honestly scan through these pictures and stories all day, y’all. In fact, I’m off to find more!

What’s something cute your pet has done this week? Tell me all about it in the comments!