Most people use LinkedIn for all things related to searching for a new job, right?

Well, there are also actually a few who use it as their primary social media outlet – and who consider themselves “LinkedInfluencers.”

They post a lot of stuff about the “hustle” and being an “entrepreneur” and basically, every buzzword that makes a sane person cringe far, far away.

Need proof these people exist? We think these 16 posts should do it!

1. Because most of us don’t love our jobs?

Just a thought.

Why even take breaks? Just keep working from LinkedInLunatics

2. My perfect world would look different.

Like one where we could eat donuts but not gain any weight.

I know where I’m not applying from LinkedInLunatics

3. This made me laugh.

I don’t think it was supposed to.

I would’ve given him a weird look too… from LinkedInLunatics

4. I’m guessing this didn’t go well.

Talk about giving them a reason to say no.

Wow from LinkedInLunatics

5. Why is there an option other than “it’s their choice.”

The questions I have…

No need to see more. from LinkedInLunatics

6. Well that seems dark.

It’s hard to read intentions on LinkedIn, though.

Is this a threat? from LinkedInLunatics

7. That’s not a skill.

Also, that’s not even that impressive a low blood pressure reading.

Gotta find a way to stand out ?? from LinkedInLunatics

8. I have no idea what’s going on here.

Is there a way to read this as sexual?

Today’s menu: ??? from LinkedInLunatics

9. You’ve done the bare minimum!

Well done.

Well, lucky you! from LinkedInLunatics

10. When no one is quoting your brilliance…

You just have to do it yourself.

I am very quotable from LinkedInLunatics

11. Who are these people?

Because I would like to talk to just one of them.

Another idiotic "CEO" from LinkedInLunatics

12. That wasn’t a choice.

Also, no one cares.

Dude just had to let everyone know from LinkedInLunatics

13. Just a couple of days, though.

I wonder if this marriage is going to last.

My wife made me promise not to check LinkedIn on my wedding night! Agree? from LinkedInLunatics

14. What if I don’t care about being accepted to either?

Asking for me.

Jonathan’s acceptance rate is even lower than Harvard’s; don’t you even try it, low life. from LinkedInLunatics

15. This isn’t an internship, though.

And that’s a whole other conversation the way it is.

smh at all these spoiled people not willing to work for half their market worth for no reason smh from LinkedInLunatics

16. Do you think that’s what his dad meant?

I’m not convinced.

GenZ Cringe – Part 1 from LinkedInLunatics

It’s like they all pray to the god of Michael Scott or something.

Could you even make it through this list? It was a little tough, right? Ugh.