Most people use LinkedIn for all things related to searching for a new job, right?

Well, there are also actually a few who use it as their primary social media outlet – and who consider themselves “LinkedInfluencers.”

They post a lot of stuff about the “hustle” and being an “entrepreneur” and basically, every buzzword that makes a sane person cringe far, far away.

Need proof these people exist? We think these 16 posts should do it!

1. Because most of us don’t love our jobs?

Just a thought.

Why even take breaks? Just keep working
byu/xandry123 inLinkedInLunatics

2. My perfect world would look different.

Like one where we could eat donuts but not gain any weight.

[deleted by user]
by inLinkedInLunatics

3. This made me laugh.

I don’t think it was supposed to.

I would’ve given him a weird look too…
byu/EruAnnatar inLinkedInLunatics

4. I’m guessing this didn’t go well.

Talk about giving them a reason to say no.

byu/Seethi110 inLinkedInLunatics

5. Why is there an option other than “it’s their choice.”

The questions I have…

No need to see more.
byu/houlanta inLinkedInLunatics

6. Well that seems dark.

It’s hard to read intentions on LinkedIn, though.

Is this a threat?
byu/dances_with_ronaldo inLinkedInLunatics

7. That’s not a skill.

Also, that’s not even that impressive a low blood pressure reading.

Gotta find a way to stand out 😤😤
byu/InvestingWithFactset inLinkedInLunatics

8. I have no idea what’s going on here.

Is there a way to read this as sexual?

Today’s menu: 🍓🍌🍆
byu/Slidecancer inLinkedInLunatics

9. You’ve done the bare minimum!

Well done.

Well, lucky you!
byu/Kill-me-quickly-TY inLinkedInLunatics

10. When no one is quoting your brilliance…

You just have to do it yourself.

I am very quotable
byu/dolphinrapeawareness inLinkedInLunatics

11. Who are these people?

Because I would like to talk to just one of them.

Another idiotic “CEO”
byu/HackedElite inLinkedInLunatics

12. That wasn’t a choice.

Also, no one cares.

Dude just had to let everyone know
byu/GloomyMenu inLinkedInLunatics

13. Just a couple of days, though.

I wonder if this marriage is going to last.

My wife made me promise not to check LinkedIn on my wedding night! Agree?
byu/zeke_11 inLinkedInLunatics

14. What if I don’t care about being accepted to either?

Asking for me.

Jonathan’s acceptance rate is even lower than Harvard’s; don’t you even try it, low life.
byu/drunk-on-juice inLinkedInLunatics

15. This isn’t an internship, though.

And that’s a whole other conversation the way it is.

smh at all these spoiled people not willing to work for half their market worth for no reason smh
byu/infamouszgbgd inLinkedInLunatics

16. Do you think that’s what his dad meant?

I’m not convinced.

GenZ Cringe – Part 1
byu/vbigoof inLinkedInLunatics

It’s like they all pray to the god of Michael Scott or something.

Could you even make it through this list? It was a little tough, right? Ugh.