Off the top of my head, I can’t of any particularly weird or strange rules that our family had growing up. It was your pretty average, run-of-the-mill suburban household.

But I guess a lot of folks out there are different.

And by different, I mean they had or have odd rules and regulations in their homes.

Are you ready to get weird?

AskReddit users opened about the weird rules in their homes.

1. Putting an end to this.

“No. Licking. The dog.

My little brothers were getting out of hand and they started licking the dog. We had to establish this rule to make sure they dont do it again.”

2. Time for you to take over.

“If you touch whatever is cooking, you become the cook. For example, if you come stir a pot or lift a lid, you own it.

Exceptions are made for preventing something from overflowing or catching fire, though if the latter happens, it may be best for someone else to take over.”

3. Don’t be a commoner.

“Cans of soda or beer are only to be consumed inside the house. People who drink out of a can outside are “common”.

That’s the only explanation I ever got from my Mother and she was very adamant about it. So, you want to drink something that came out of a can outside – put it in a glass.”

4. You know what to do.

“I’m not sure how many people can relate with this,maybe nobody. But when i was young i was the “tv banger”.

In old black n white tv was very common that the screen went crazy because of some fail in it and you had to slap it. So i was the person who had to always stand up and bang it.”

5. Rules of the house.

“No books at the dinner table unless it’s the dictionary.

A serving of cookies is exactly 3 cookies.”

6. Dying of thirst over here.

“My mom won’t/wouldn’t let us have ANY drinks 30mins before, during, or after after any meal. We’d be thirsty as hell and she wouldn’t let us.

When people came over she’d explain her dumb rule and expect people to abide. If not, she’d say in a jokingly manner, “Fine, but you shouldn’t be drinking before-during-after eating.””

7. I like this one!

“If we haven’t been to a restaurant before, nobody is allowed to order the same thing.”

8. Still following this rule today…

“All while growing up my family had a 24 hour rule for leftovers.

It goes like this, if you have something in the fridge you bought, called dibs on, or didn’t eat you have 24 hours before it becomes unclaimed property. At that time it is no longer protected.

I still follow this rule today.”

9. Don’t forget!

“If you are the last person to leave the house you need to put the radio on for the cat.

No questions asked.”

10. Better than washing out your mouth, I guess.

“If you swear and mom hears it, you must immediately go and wash any dirty dish in the kitchen and dining room.”

11. I can get behind this.

“No eating crunchy foods during movies.”

12. Call your Mother!

“Parents don’t call kids or nag if kids don’t call.

Kids are to call their parents. Started from my grandmother because her mom made her feel guilty for not calling/writing enough.”

13. I love it!

“Our weird house rule is ‘No scary movies until it’s dark out’.

The exception is if we’re able to black out a room to watch it in, like the basement. I feel it adds enough to the ambiance that it’s worth it.”

14. Don’t be tacky.

“Don’t have your picture taken holding a drink.

Mom just thinks it looks tacky. None of us have a problem drinking or with drinking. It’s just something my mom asked my not to do and I’ve always abided by it as much as I can.”

15. Cats are meant to be worshipped.

“The cat rule.

If the cat is in your lap, sleeping or not, you can get people to do small things for you (get you a Kleenex, drink, etc) so as not to disturb the cat. You can also claim the cat rule to avoid setting the table or similar tasks. Started out as a joke and became a very real thing.”

16. Okay…

“Never whistle when you’re near the pond.

This was at my old family home. We moved away from there nearly 30 years ago. Strange thing is, when I ask my parents about this rule they have no idea what I’m talking about.

I very much remember it being sort of a big deal.”

Y’all are a bunch of weirdos out there!

Okay, now we want to hear from all of you.

In the comments, please tell us about the weird rules your family has.

We can’t wait to get even weirder!