I don’t get too deep into the generation thing. Stereotypes are generally not all that helpful, but listen…that doesn’t mean they’re not sometimes funny, right?

If you’re a millennial, you get the short end of the internet stick way too often. So, please take your time and enjoy these well-crafted posts by your peers.

16. This made me cackle.

The robots are never going to forgive us.

15. Ain’t that the truth.

We’re tribal at our cores.

14. It might make you feel badly about yourself.

But listen. Dolly would never judge you.

13. There’s a parenting hack for you.

A pretty good one, too.

12. It’s all about finding your people.

No matter what brings you together.

11. There’s always hope for the next decade.

I don’t know if some of us ever really get there.

10. There are very few perks.

But go off, I guess.

9. We can do this.

This is what the sisterhood was made for.

8. Say it with me.

And no, that doesn’t make you permissive.


7. It doesn’t have to make sense.

It makes us feel better and so we do it.

6. This is effing hilarious.

I’m still giggling about it.

5. This is a whole mood.

And we’ve all caught it, honestly.

4. Bless his heart.

Also, that mom is a legend.

3. Our moms all went to the same parenting school.

It was an unschooling situation, I’m pretty sure.

2. Who has time to be hot all of the time?

Not me.

1. I’m not even sorry.

You enjoy, hun.

I mean, I’m a borderline millennial and I definitely love all of these.

What’s your favorite thing about being a millennial? Let’s share the good parts in the comments!