Have you ever been sitting around hours after a conversation, discussion, or confrontation and realized you knew exactly what to say after all?

It can be frustrating to have the perfect comeback or comment and not be able to use it because the moment has passed (just ask George Costanza) – which is why those moments when we see someone really come up with something perfect in the moment are the best things ever.

These 17 people were definitely on the ball with these responses, so please enjoy!

17. It’s brutal but honest.

Most of us wouldn’t be doing anything else.

byu/Metalboxman intechnicallythetruth

16. You can do anything once.

Of course….

Yep, can only be eaten once.
byu/StonedInk intechnicallythetruth

15. No two ways about it.

Being able to admit that is an admirable trait!

I did not expect to see that answer
byu/Vexavior08 intechnicallythetruth

14. This made me snort.

Because it definitely wouldn’t be me.

What would anyone do besides that?
byu/0_karma_Java intechnicallythetruth

13. It’s a good thing I got that confirmed!

I couldn’t have been 100% sure without the geologist.

Yes is true
byu/Carlos1421 intechnicallythetruth

12. I can’t tell if they’re being serious.

But it’s funny either way.

Cows don’t kill sharks
byu/TbhJustAnotherGuy intechnicallythetruth

11. It’s good to have goals.

They sustain us in the tough times.

That’s the way to go
byu/TheCager100 intechnicallythetruth

10. There’s one in every room.

And honestly, what would we do without them?

well that is a red flag
byu/potato_lord8 intechnicallythetruth

9. Literally!

They just couldn’t resist.

byu/FiendSlayer39 inAngryupvote

8. Hard to argue with that one.

Not exactly in the spirit of the question, but.

I can’t imagine it tastes very good
byu/GameWinner31 intechnicallythetruth

7. For the non-Americans.

This one has killed me.

Gotta be inclusive to the non-americans
byu/kidkrew intechnicallythetruth

6. I hope this helps!

Sometimes sarcasm comes through on the internet loud and clear.

Now what about baby shoes???
byu/xxKillMyselfxx intechnicallythetruth

5. It’s a good idea.

But perhaps not applicable in every situation.

Thank you for your loss
byu/Repulsive_Mixture_68 inAngryupvote

4. That’s the first step, anyway.

It’s important to not leave anything out.

byu/wildblood859 intechnicallythetruth

3. Maybe not even nicely.

Asking might be enough.

Ask & you shall receive
byu/Anteraji intechnicallythetruth

2. I could think of better words.

They would probably make me hungry, though.

byu/Frequent-Fill9103 intechnicallythetruth

1. We really are all the same in the end.

It’s inevitable, so might as well accept it!

All dead people have the same heartbeat
byu/Anteraji intechnicallythetruth

I mean, was I right or what?

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