Everyone has a past. That includes past relationships that didn’t work out for one reason or another, and a long (or short) list of exes that includes some we’d rather not talk about (or to).

That said, sometimes emotions get the better of us (or we’ve had too much to drink), and texts get sent and received…and as long as they don’t belong to you, they can be pretty darn funny.

That said, these 18 are bad enough they might even make strangers cringe.

18. Just call them out on it.

We all knew it was a lie.

My ex…forgetting he has a new gf at bar close. from OopsDidntMeanTo

17. I would have stopped interacting way before this lady did.

It was obviously bs and what a loser.

My friend’s ex faked being arrested to get her attention. from sadcringe

16. We’re not buying it.

No one texts legal documents right? I hope?

Image Credit: Reddit

15. No means no.

And also ew no matter what your status is honestly.

my ex from high school sent me a snapchat video of him begging me for nudes, and it got worse from sadcringe

14. It’s kind of sad, really.

I hope they blocked them and moved on.

From a crazy, and controlling ex I haven’t spoken to in months..Hmm.. from OopsDidntMeanTo

13. Play stupid games…

I wonder how long it took him to just let it go.

Sister’s ex tried to make her jealous, ended up calling her crying from cringepics

12. Quite the backpedal.

Hopefully they’ll learn their lesson about going forward next time.

Woke up to a text from my very recent ex… from OopsDidntMeanTo

11. Super cringe.

Like, I feel seriously embarrassed for this person.

Using Cash App to beg your ex to unblock you from sadcringe

10. Who doesn’t love a cupcake?

But it’s definitely not getting you an invite back in.

An ex of mine contacted me out of nowhere… from cringepics

9. I mean ok but…it’s a fish.

If it was a dog I think she probably would have replied.

Dude uses his fish dying to hit up his ex girlfriend from sadcringe

8. You can’t have it both ways.

In or out, my friend.

I updated my relationship stuff on social media accounts, ex decides texts me after a year of ghosting. from cringepics

7. Nope, they don’t feel sorry for you.

Not now, either. Pay up.

Ex tries to guilt me a week after promising to pay back $30 for "accidentally" using my card to pay for food delivery. from OopsDidntMeanTo

6. I’m so uncomfortable now.

I can’t imagine what it was like to get it.

Ex-Girlfriend who i havent talked to in 7 months *ACCIDENTALLY* sent me a message from OopsDidntMeanTo

5. Twenty-five years ago.

Yeesh. Get a life.

My high school ex girlfriend drops by my social media every so often to deliver some tacky comments about how great she’s doing. I dumped her 25 years ago. from cringepics

4. Why are people like this?

Some self-restraint, please.

My ex from OopsDidntMeanTo

3. Make it stop.

They should probably just stop replying.

Image Credit: Imgur

2. I’m guessing we all know how this turned out.

At least, I certainly hope we do.

Image Credit: Reddit

1. Oldest excuse in the book.

If you’re a millennial, anyway.

My ex girlfriend ladies and germs from OopsDidntMeanTo

Y’all, I’m just so glad none of these came from my phone.

Do you have any hidden texts that are worthy of this list? We’re dying to laugh at your expense in the comments!