Remember travel agencies? I mean, I don’t, really. I’ve been around for a while but even I’m too young to know a time when those were particularly relevant.

But weirdly enough, in the Chicago neighborhood in which I lived a couple years ago, there was a full-fledged (apparently still in business) travel agency storefront. No idea how they survived that long or if they were a mafia front or what.

But if I had ventured in, they might have warned me against the kinds of experiences underwent by the poor anonymous souls behind these travel nightmare stories.

20. “Woke up to a bear”

“I traced away the fog so I could see the Mississippi on her knees…”

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19. “Safety Harbor, Florida”

I think maybe they need to change the name of that town.

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18. “Some tall creepy guy was on one knee…”

I have my doubts about this story as Fazoli’s is, in fact, a fairly cheap Italian chain restaurant that only has locations in the U.S. but ok.

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17. “Temporarily lost”

If was a lifetime, because now you have the curse upon you.

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16. “Playing with chalk in the park”

Man, laws sure do work differently out there.

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15. “I don’t know what kind”

I need to scroll past this one as quickly as possible so I don’t have endless nightmares about it, moving on.

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14. “Basically incapacitated”

Oh, cool, the worst thing ever.

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13. Maine man.

Those um…those cities are 3,000 miles apart…

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12. “He had a big tattoo”

You seem to have a good sense of humor about this.

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11. “Robbed by children”

I’m guessing it was less adorable than it sounds.

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10. How far to touch the rainbow?

So. Um.
1) Rainbows are an optical illusion, you can’t reach them.
2) You gotta be super careful of the undertow in the ocean. It’ll sweep you right out.

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9. Flaming planes

That would be really scary. And yet everyone was fine!

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8. The much older man

That’s gotta be a truly terrifying scenario.

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7. Old Amsterdam

The dangers you face out there may be hauntingly familiar.

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6. The kidnapping

Man, I don’t think that I’d ever be able to fall asleep in a hotel room again.

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5. Things got heated

Literally nothing about staying in a hostel has ever sounded appealing to me.

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4. Waiting for the drop

That’s the moment when even the atheists on the plane start praying.

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3. The sneak

I’m sorry, what exactly was your plan here?

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2. The raid

That would be absolutely bonkers.

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1. The very scariest moment

I need a vacation from this vacation.

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Happy travels to all!

Do you have a travel nightmare story?

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