What’s the most hypocritical thing you’ve seen before?

The thing that still makes you so angry that you feel like you’re seeing red…

Well, let’s see if they measure up with the stories that we’re about to read.

AskReddit users shared the most hypocritical things they’ve ever seen in their lives.

1. Isn’t that ironic?

“I knew a 3rd generation immigrant woman once, and this story aside, she’s really very sweet.

She was Lebanese. Lebanon is basically a little coastal slice of Syria that gained independence after her family left. They left because much like recent events, the region became a little unstable and dangerous.

I was eating breakfast at her kitchen counter, as she stood in the kitchen and watched Fox News on the tiny counter TV, clucking in disapproval at the footage of refugees entering our country.

Then she put hand on her hip and said, and I’ll never forget this:

“Ugh – Wouldn’t all these Syrian immigrants just be happier back where they came from?”


I had to straight up leave.”

2. Sounds like a blast.

“My parents telling me that I didn’t have to watch church with them if I did not want to.

So next Sunday came, I said I didn’t want to watch church, and I got lectured about how that was wrong, and when I reminded them that they had told me that if I didn’t want to watch I just needed to say so, my dad shouted that I was being disrespectful.

So I kindly pointed out that he was being disrespectful to me for not sticking to his word. Long story short, I had to watch church.”

3. Thinning out your friend group.

“As of late, people not wanting to grab a drink with me or do things with me citing that they feel nervous about Covid.

Only to see them posting stories several days later drinking and socializing. It’s definitely made me realize who my true friends are.”

4. Cognitive dissonance.

“People who get really upset about animal abuse and claim to be “animal lovers”, and then go eat a double cheeseburger at McDonald’s.

Cognitive dissonance is alive and well.”

5. A lot of this going around.

“All of my relatives that get paychecks from either the state or the federal government decrying socialism.”

6. That’s pretty bad.

“My boss – a priest – telling me I wasn’t allowed to live with my boyfriend.

Found out a few years later he was sleeping with someone who wasn’t his wife.”

7. Hmmm…

“Reading stories about “The only moral abortion is my abortion.””

8. Didn’t see that coming.

“There was a girl in one of my classes that spent the entire class on facebook every single day.

During a presentation she was giving one day someone noticeably checked their email. We all saw but… we all also knew that she was on Facebook every single day for the entire class.

That’s why we were all very surprised when she stopped the presentation to scream at this person for being rude and disrespectful and then stormed out.”

9. Whoa!

“A woman who used to lived a few doors down from me was an extreme feminist “all men are pigs and rap*sts deep down, never trust your kids with a man, men are the reason women can’t progress” all that jazz.

She was convicted of domestic assault and indecency with a minor and sent to 2 years in prison. She’s only did a year and a few months though I think.”

10. Big-time hypocrite.

“My ex-wife told me when/if I started seeing someone she would want to meet them before our kids did.

Two months later the guy she had an affair with moved from NC and in with her and my two kids.

I still haven’t met him and it’s been six months.”

11. Too extreme.

“Gotta say overly religious family members.

They talk about the faith and being one with God, but then go and post sh*t online that’s the exact opposite of what’s in the book. And will argue about it to anyone who points it out.

Covid saved me from family gatherings last year and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

12. You’re grounded!

“When I was a teenager I tried to buy an Eminem CD at the store but my mom told me I couldn’t because his lyrics disrespect women.

She then picked up a Michael Jackson CD and put it in her cart. This was during the hype of the trial and I told her she shouldn’t buy that because she’s financing a child mol*ster’s legal team.

I got grounded.”

13. Happens a lot.

“I’ve noticed that pretty much any time someone uses the phrase “if you don’t like it, leave,” it only applies to other people.

That person will have no problem complaining endlessly and not leaving.”

14. Ugh.

“Someone from work just got back from a holiday visiting family who live out of the continent.

Went from “the nightclubs pretended to be closed but were open for anyone that knew. Had so much fun finally going out for a drink”

to “I can’t believe how bad COVID is here and so many people aren’t following the rules. It’s infuriating.””

15. A smart one!

“I know someone who won’t take any vaccines because she doesn’t want “the mercury and who knows whatever else is in there” in her body

Yet she eats fish and has unprotected s*x with strangers from the internet.”

16. People are clueless.

“My cousin came to visit my family on mother’s day last year.

She traveled across three states to see us, and then while she was here she was posting things on her Facebook about how inconsiderate and stupid it is to travel anywhere during that time.

17. You sure about that?

“A girl I go to school with claims she’s the poorest girl in the whole town, yet goes on and on about how each of her siblings got their own laptop and she recently got a car for her birthday.”

18. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

“People who quote the bible as their reason to hate gays, but have tattoos.

Tattoos are specifically prohibited by the direct word of God to Moses, it’s on the same page as the part about gays.”

19. Ironic.

“My ex would get mad at me for having male acquaintances. Not even friends really, just guys from school or work.

And policed my phone and my whole life. And I found out the f*cker was cheating on me.”

20. Losing my religion.

“My religion. Got into depression because of it (Don’t worry, I recovered in 2013 after I left it).

There was continual preaching of love and being nonjudgmental which is what a typical religion does I guess. However, because they felt that they were the one religion to rule them all, children and teenagers growing up the religion were validated left and right to have the mindset this religion had.

On one side it’s great to be surrounded with that much support, but on the flipside when the real world hits them at around 18 and they’re with college and whatnot, that validation gets challenged. Because of that, they carry this superiority complex over others who don’t share the same values as they do.

I’ve seen continual times where the church supports loving others but then the cheek turns and they judge those who do tattoo piercings, alcohol drinking, and then it even goes to trivial things like rated R movies, feeling right in every argument, or holding grudges.

I justified to myself for 6 years straight, “Oh, it’s just one person out of the religion and it doesn’t mean they’re all like that.” It became a daily trouble for me, and eventually I wore myself out mentally and pushed myself into depression about it.

I realized it wasn’t the religion itself but organized religion I wasn’t a fan of. I got depressed, left the religion, and 6 months later I recovered.

Yeah, not a fan of hypocrisy and conflict within organizations like those.”

21. Well, times have changed…

“When (some) Christians use bible verses for an argument but when someone brings up a ‘questionable’ bible verse they say it’s not supposed to be taken literally and that times have changed.”

22. And there you have it!

“My brother wouldn’t let his kids go to school because of covid.

But they went to hockey practice and games.

All three got Covid.”

23. Lame.

“Feminists saying to stop body shaming and then when you say anything they disagree on they say stuff like “you have small d*ck energy”.”

24. LIVID.

“I worked for a veterinarian back when I was in college. On a couple of different occasions people brought in animals that had seemingly (to me) obvious problems but he would insist on doing blood work and x rays and other extras.

Not really running up the bill per se but as an animal rescuer who could only afford the “essentials” I felt it was necessary to ask him about it. His explanation was that even if it cost a lot more his thoroughness made him more money and it would be mad if he missed something. AND: “people who aren’t willing to take of EVERY issue an animal has shouldn’t own animals”

A few months later he took his older truck to get something fixed. The auto shop told him while he was there that the truck needed this fixed and that fixed and etc etc etc.

He was absolutely LIVID!! What did they think? That he was made of money!! They didn’t charge him extra, just told him what all needed fixed.

And yeah, an animal is different than a truck. But a person….say an elderly person on a fixed income…who wants to get this lump on Fluffy checked out, doesn’t need to hear that they are basically a bad pet owner if they can’t afford scheduled teeth cleanings and ALL the extras.

Needless to say, he didn’t appreciate my comparison of his methods to the auto shop’s methods.”

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