When most of us make a mistake, we own up to it. Apologies, the whole nine yards.

Some people, though, seem to know they were doing something dumb from the beginning and, when confronted with it, prefer to double-down rather than apologize and make amends.

There’s no way these 25 people didn’t know exactly what they’d done, but also…they do not appear to have any regrets.

25. Someone had to do this on purpose.

I refuse to believe otherwise.

This clothing store that hung its shirts sideways…
byu/RedditNoly inmildlyinfuriating

24. Oh, TikTok.

I don’t think it’s ever going to change.

Mildly infuriating that a restaurant would need to put a sign up because of tiktoks
byu/BrassWallet inmildlyinfuriating

23. It’s a trick question.

That absolutely no one is going to get right.

Applying online at Best Buy
byu/theliberalpanda inmildlyinfuriating

22. I’ve seen enough of these to think it’s common practice.

Renters, beware.

Look at this jerk of a land lord
byu/AfterwardsWorkable inmildlyinfuriating

21. Those are definitely identical answers.

I bet they felt as if they were going crazy!

byu/Thick-gamer inmildlyinfuriating

20. Oh, man, I knew it.

Just save your thumb strength, people.

The close-door button fell off, revealing it was never connected to the control panel.
byu/sophiakyte inmildlyinfuriating

19. The face I just made.

I have never seen anything more cringe in my entire life.

it just bothers me.
byu/KnightsofRen11 inmildlyinfuriating

18. It’s like some kind of science experiment.

Except they’re not a scientist and that’s not a lab.

Roommates rice cooker has turned into brain-like tissue. He refuses to clean it, and leaves it on the shared kitchen counter.
byu/tshoe777 inmildlyinfuriating

17. It’s a huge conspiracy.

It must go all the way to the top.

I just want a bigger pocket please, is that too much to ask for? Sincerely, Women everywhere
byu/Wonder0486 inmildlyinfuriating

16. I don’t think that’s period appropriate.

I mean. I’m not an expert, but.

Renovations done to 500-year-old Caldwell Tower in Scotland
byu/WaferDisastrous inmildlyinfuriating

15. This actually makes me angry.

What on earth were they thinking?

If only there was a cheaper, aesthetically pleasing, more natural way to get shade.
by inmildlyinfuriating

14. Make it make sense.

No, seriously. Someone explain it to me.

Removing a cheap mirror glued to the wall, only to find an even cheaper mirror glued to the wall beneath it.
by inmildlyinfuriating

13. That…is not fixed.

I hope there’s a number they can call.

How they fixed the pavement near my house 🤦🏼‍♂️
byu/realsomo inmildlyinfuriating

12. Someone needs a new career.

And after those Yelp! reviews, he’s probably going to get one.

Contractor got angry and left the job when we asked him to use the spacers we bought for the backsplash
by inmildlyinfuriating

11. The work of a sick individual.

Who apparently enjoys broken ankles.

My bedroom floor was built with a dip in it for no reason
by inmildlyinfuriating

10. Everyone notices.

I can just about guarantee it.

My neighbor spent a ton of money on a granite mailbox post. They used an “O” instead of a zero to make the street number. It annoys me every time I walk by.
byu/mollymoose75 inmildlyinfuriating

9. Why does anyone think that this is ok?

Like, this is a standard of business?

To the guy that said his house is infinite content for this sub.. I call your crooked floor vent and raise you 3/4 of an electrical outlet
byu/Cityboy216 inmildlyinfuriating

8. This just made me laugh.

That’s not trapping any germs inside.

Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square
byu/Cwawaf inmildlyinfuriating

7. What are all of these for?

Do they all have a purpose? Or?

House sitting for uncle. Reached the final boss of the game “unfamiliar shower controls”
byu/GundoSkimmer inmildlyinfuriating

6. If you’re going to lay it, lay it straight.

Come on, man. You have one job!

I was waiting for a dentist appointment and I noticed the floor.
byu/Damager_459 inmildlyinfuriating

5. Talk about passive aggressive.

My goodness, this had to be on purpose.

byu/kunalkalra97 inmildlyinfuriating

4. This would drive me absolutely bonkers.

The poor people who have to walk past it on a daily basis…

Just… why?
byu/picapiie inmildlyinfuriating

3. That’s…not going to help.

I cannot stop giggling at this one.

I love my brewery but this makes no sense
byu/gwailo_joe inmildlyinfuriating

2. Um, check that again.

That’s not how any of this works.

Now how am I supposed to use that…
byu/Yazzi1018 inmildlyinfuriating

1. Bless their heart.

These designs just aren’t going to look right.

Mildly infuriating level : Refund
byu/Cyrinne inmildlyinfuriating

Y’all, I cannot with human beings. I mean, what can you do except laugh?

How would you have handled finding these things? Please enlighten us in the comments!