Now that I have a job that I really like, I can look back and appreciate all the sh**ty jobs I had for so many years.

But some people go through their whole lives without finding a job that they enjoy…and that really sucks.

So, if you’re not exactly in love with your job, maybe these folks from AskReddit might give you some ideas of avenues to explore.

Have a look!

1. Life is good.


I get to be creative and I genuinely like the people I work with.

I do have to publish and get funding, but now that I’ve figured out how to do that, life is good.”

2. Works for you.


I know it’s the epitome of a boring office job, but it works for my aptitudes and interests.

Lucrative, stable, predictable, engaging but I don’t take it home with me.”

3. Amazing.

“I’m a filmmaker, editor and producer primarily.

I have near total control of my schedule and get to make fun and interesting media every week.

I love it.”

4. Freedom!

“I work at a museum designing exhibits, developing educational programming, doing research on artefacts and ongoing exhibit maintenance.

The job is constantly changing and I have unlimited freedom.”

5. Your own bubble.

“Printing machine operator for small to medium runs.

I can listen to music and generally be in my own bubble while I can choose my own work load, it pays decently and I like to see a physical representation of how much work i have done, it makes me feel like I have done something.”

6. Leave it all at work.

“I’m a high school custodian, and I ADORE my job. Love my kids, my adults, the skills I get to build there, the autonomy I get to do my tasks, that I can see the direct results of my efforts, that I get to help.

The fact that I basically can’t take my work home with me, that overtime is abundant if I want it, and the fact that I have a union job with a living wage, great benefits, and a retirement plan.

It’s not what I went to school for and I never planned to work in this field, but I have been doing it 7 years and there’s absolutely nowhere else I would rather be or anything I would rather do.”

7. Animal lover.

“Used to work in pet retail stores.

Loved it because I know a lot about animals and was able to share it with others. I was often asked to design enclosures for unique feature pets, most fish questions got directed to me by one of my managers, for a while I tended to the animals in the morning and was always complimented on how good the animal and enclosure looked.

Tarantulas were my favorite because people were always amazed at how well I could handle then. I’m now a dog bather and still really enjoy it.”

8. A unique one.

“Crime scene technician/investigator.

It can be grueling and there are really long days but it’s never the same day twice.”

9. Lucky.

“I teach instrumental music in public school. A lot of teachers are constantly under stress and h**e their lives, but I got super lucky.

My co-teachers are friends whom I respect and trust, and all three of us have strong and consistent classroom management. And we get to create young musicians.”

10. Sounds good to me.

“I’m a night janitor at a gas station and mini market.

No customers, no other co-workers for the first 6 hours, I have set tasks to do, I can have as many breaks as I wish, listen to my own music at full blast and for £90 per 8 hour shift.

Its the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve had jobs most people wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.”

11. Cool!

“Public Librarian.

I get to buy books that my community wants. I take care of the book collection.

I help people find information, including online information. And I get to spend the day at the library.”

12. Working double.

“Plumber and artist.

The only time the two cross paths are in my plumbing company’s social media, which I run!

I bloody love my jobs!”

13. Very happy.

“Software engineer. I didn’t go to college and went to a 6 month bootcamp for it to change my career.

I went from originally making 40k at my old job and I now make six figures within 2 years of being in the field.

I work remotely and it has completely changed my life. I am in a job that is very respectful of their employees and time. I’m very happy.”

14. Sounds great.

“Physician scientist.

Sometimes I see patients. Most of the time I do science. I get paid to think about stuff.

It’s great.”

15. Must be pretty smart.

“Oil exploration geophysicist.

Most of the time I get paid to use science and my imagination to map the geometry of rock formations beneath the Earth’s surface.

I get paid to have an imagination. Companies trust me enough to drill million dollar wells to test my ideas.”

16. Very cool.

“Royal mail postman in a small rural UK village.

I love it and have absolutely no fear of doing it for the rest of my life.

Walking 8 miles a day means I can eat basically what I want and stay lean, and my fitness level is always high.

Also no managers breathing down my neck, and I make friends with lots of nice elderly people.”

17. Wow.

“I take care of a cemetery.

Every day is different and it’s pretty much a nature preserve (we treat it like that anyways).

You end up sort of taking ownership of it so you want it to look good. It’s nice choosing what you do for the most part, and seeing the lasting results.”

18. Challenging.

“Freelance audio engineer.

Work is sometimes easy, but most of the time filled with various challenges that change from day to day.

Also I love working with sound it’s like my thing and being able to solve problems that no one else can see/understand makes me feel like a wizard.”

19. A dream come true.

“Gardener. I was a truck driver for a decade. 15 hour days, sleeping on the side of the road, the whole week away from home and all for s**tty pay.

Decided i needed a change so i started a gardening business. I earn 2-3x more money than i did driving trucks, i get to work in nature all day every day, i get to pick what work i do. Don’t get good vibes from a customer….turn the job down. Don’t like a garden…..turn it down. I don’t have to take s**t from anyone. I get to do work i enjoy.

I pick my own schedule. Get to wake up with the kids everyday, come home for lunch and get to read a bedtime story to the kids every night. When i was trucking I’d go all week without seeing the kids. Gone from working 15 hour days to 7-8 hour days and lost 100lbs in the process.

My new life is a dream come true.”

20. Fun!

“I’m a manager at a gelato/coffee shop!

Though customers can be a lot and rushes can be stressful, I work with a great crew and get to sample the new flavors my boss tests and makes each week.

He will bust out from the back with a spoon full of a new flavor of gelato and say, “try this.” So I guess I’m also a taste tester!”

21. We need more like you!

“High school teacher. 10 years.

Despite many criticisms for the profession, I love my job. I get paid decent. I have great interactions with students every day.

On my feet learning, feeling, engaged, and get goosebumps when a kid makes a cool connection (us history/American government teacher).”

22. Fell in love.

“Graphic / web designer here!

I totally fell into the role accidently with zero uni experience and love it.

Been in the industry 9 years now!”

23. That’s amazing.

“I was a cabinet maker and architectural millworker for 35 years.

It seldom seemed like work.”

24. Good for you!

“I help people with physical and mental disabilities find and retain employment.

I’ve gotten more job satisfaction in one week than 5 years at my last job.”

25. Doing great work.

“I’m a psychologist, and I specialize in exposure therapy for anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Essentially I help people practice facing their fears by breaking them down into smaller challenges, usually in weird and creative ways.

It’s super interesting and rewarding.”

Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us what YOU do for a living and whether you like it or not.

Thanks in advance!