I don’t care what anyone says about social media – and Twitter in particular – but there’s an art to the perfect post.

You’ve got to have a good mix of humor, wit, timeliness, and social impact that’s not easy to concoct, but we think these 25 people have perfected the recipe.

At least, they did it once.

25. A great joke while it lasted.

Bless her heart.

24. It’s a little bit addictive.

At least, that’s what I hear.


23. That is not how it works.

Unless you’re testing your smoke detectors, then it’s probably fine.


22. No one wants to see that.

Seriously, just keep it to yourself.


21. Painfully accurate.

It’s honestly not usually that interesting though.

20. That is a bold statement.

I guess you really didn’t like it huh.

19. They like the way it sounds.

I don’t blame them!

18. It’s a brave new world.

We’re all just trying to figure it out as we go.

17. It’s best to stay informed.

Better safe than sorry and all that.

16. We’re not buying it.

At least, we’re not buying it at a thrift store.

15. Gold.

Time for a full-scale investigation.

14. It’s actually 10:30.

Which is, I agree, completely insane.

13. I was never here.

You didn’t see anything.

12. No way around it.

This totally cracked me up.

11. Seems like a missed opportunity.

I’m just saying.


10. I have no idea what’s happening here.

Do you suppose they do?

9. An opening in the market.

If you have a sworn enemy, get on it.

8. She remembered, too.

She’d probably make a better partner than your bf just saying.

7. Truer words…

They’re just trying to show solidarity I guess.

6. That’s going in your chart.

No way to walk it back now.

5. Lazy equals no cooking.

Microwave popcorn or cheese and crackers.

4. Well that’s wild to think about.

It’s also 100% accurate.

3. Welp, might as well just stay awake.

-My brain.

2. It depends on your perspective.

He’s not lying, though.


1. So weird!

No, it’s not the sugar why would you say that?


You never know what the perfect tweet is going to look like until you see it, right?

Which one of these was your favorite? Make sure to tell us in the comments!