Nostalgia can be a funny thing. When we look toward our past, things can seem cast in a glow – or a pall – depending on what our lives were like when we first experienced them.

For most of us who grew up in the 90s, there are certain things that will always seem like they were the best of times, and these 26 images will take you all the way back.

26. Pencil boxes were where it was at.

And these were creme de la creme.

I know you all remember the Spacemaker pencil box!
byu/FatSloppyPecker innostalgia

25. “Hon-hon-hon.”

Can you hear it, too?

I can hear this picture
byu/ReluctantlyAged in90s

24. Whatever happened to these?

Like, when did they fall by the wayside?

[deleted by user]
by in90s

23. I was the champ.

My name was still on the wall the last time I checked.

Torture device known as the “sit and reach” test
byu/mikencapo innostalgia

22. At least they came with a lid.

Our parents tried, at least.

The green turtle sandbox
byu/omgdinosaurs innostalgia

21. They were objectively terrible pencils.

But I would still buy one if I ran across it today.

Pencils with cartridges
byu/Lexjiggler innostalgia

20. Televisions have gone through so many iterations in our lifetime.

Never mind cable/streaming.

Who else is “video games only worked on Channel 3” years old?
byu/cucuzza innostalgia

19. You had to click through them.

What if there was a real gem somewhere in the middle!

Flipping through these as a kid trying to find your favourite bands poster.
byu/beardynolando innostalgia

18. It wasn’t super accurate.

But it made you feel like you knew you were going the right direction.

Those bright green volume bars
byu/Skinnerlikesdogfood innostalgia

17. “Unfocus” your eyes.

I wonder if these made us dumber or smarter.

The fury I would experience at the mall kiosk….
byu/sparkilini in90s

16. I bet these could be worth something now.

If your family somehow magically didn’t break them.

Who else had these?
byu/ARTofATOM in90s

15. There had to be a better way.

I promise you can’t hide anything from us on a PC though.

But are you this old?
byu/drinkinswish in90s

14. Wild how fast things have changed.

Our kids would have no idea what an ashtray even was!

Remember playing with the ashtray in the backseat of a car when you were a kid?
byu/jsakic99 innostalgia

13. The fish tank your parents would never let you have.

It was better than having to clean a real one anyway.

Underwater Windows 98 screensaver
by innostalgia

12. My kids still have these.

And they’re just as cheap and impossible to use.

Lets Go Fishin’!!!
byu/iNakz innostalgia

11. The WB had quite a run.

If you think the CW is the same thing, you’re a lot younger than I am.

Anyone remember watching Kids’ WB as an kid?
by innostalgia

10. They were cutting edge at one time.

Crazy to think about it, right?

I cant be the only one who wished I still had my Tiger Electronicsgames.
byu/iwear_Vans in90s

9. All of these collector’s glasses were amazing.

They should definitely bring these promos back.

Back in the day these cups were super cool!
byu/sabletln in90s

8. It actually was fun.

And we probably learned a thing or two, too.

[deleted by user]
by innostalgia

7. I know Burger King wasn’t the best.

And yet, we still wanted to collect all of the things.

Burger King Kids Club.
byu/wee-dancer innostalgia

6. These were so gross.

But now I kind of want one.

90s kids, what was the best juice drink?
byu/sebinjoji in90s

5. I had almost forgotten this…

I’m glad for the reminder!

Life was good if you had this as a kid.
byu/u8miladoo in90s

4. I cannot believe these were a thing.

What a genius but totally unnecessary idea!

At Lunchtime I was cool as shit with this piece of equipment.
byu/cobbwebb9891 innostalgia

3. All Butterfingers are good.

Which makes these the best of the best.

Why in God’s name did they stop making these?
by in90s

2. The caramel ones really weren’t bad.

In fact, I kind of want one right now.

“World’s Finest” Chocolate Bars
byu/zhawnsi innostalgia

1. You mean you don’t still have one of these?

Because I do…

I had completely forgotten about these collapsible brushes until I stumbled across one on the sidewalk today
byu/MountainMantologist in90s

Y’all, I know things weren’t perfect, but it’s hard to argue that they weren’t simpler, right?

What’s something you would bring back from your youth if you could? Let us know down in the comments!