I really don’t think I’d be too happy if someone did this to me on my lunch break…

But I guess that’s one way to get the attention of employees…

This TikTok video shows a manager at Chewy ringing a cowbell so emplyees know their break is over.

But the person filming the video says they are required to have a full 30-minute break and their time wasn’t up yet and the manager and the employee got into a bit of a debate.

@kearyalaniz No matter what you do DO NOT shop at Chewy or Pet Smart. It is a horrible company that abuses its employees. Subjects them to sick games like ringing cowbells DURING BREAK. They routinely harass and fire their good employees so do NOT support Chewy.com SHARE THIS ! It’s very true and thousands of other people can vouch for this. #chewy #chewydelivery #boycott #stoptheabuseofworkers #workersabuse ♬ original sound – Keary Alaniz

Check out what folks had to say about this on TikTok.

This person had some strong feelings about what went down.

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And this viewer made a good point…

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Another person summed it up pretty nicely.

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And this viewer said they will switch companies after seeing this video.

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But this person made a good point for people to keep in mind.

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