Here a few hobbies that come to mind that I think wealthy people participate in: yachting, polo, and lacrosse.

I think I’m pretty much right on the money about those, don’t you?

Folks on AskReddit talked about the hobbies that make them think people grew up rich.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Sounds fishy.

“I’m in my 30s and I have friends with stupid careers that own homes and travel all the time.

If you have an adult friend that makes jewelry or pottery for a living, they’re full of s**t and come from wealth.”

2. I had no idea.

“As someone who has started practicing archery recently – archery

Those godd**n arrows cost so much, it’s basically a war crime, same goes for bows, targets, backstop nets,…. so almost everything. The wood arrows I use cost like six bucks a pop.

It would be fine if the stupid arrows didn’t hit the grass, and then curve and go under the grass. They become impossible to find, I actually thought of buying GPS tracking chips or something to find the buggers.”

3. Very true.

“It’s not what hobby, its how you equip yourself.

I had a friend who started bicycling by buying a $3000 bike. I told them I thought they didn’t know how to earn something, and that they should start with a $100 bike.

I was being kind of a d**k, considering their bike got stolen a month after they bought it.”

4. Big bucks.

“Racing. People think it’s a white trash sport, but the amount of money required to race in an amateur setting is astronomical.

You put in waaaay more than you get from it. The only people who can do it are people with big bucks.”

5. Big time.

“Summer and winter houses plus an apartment in New York.

Oh, and the place in Switzerland.”

6. Probably.

“Someone saying “I’d love to set up a charity one day” Is a surefire sign someone comes from money, in my experience.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good idea and they absolutely should, but your life goal isn’t normally to set up a charity if you’re struggling to put food on the table, or worry about having enough money for rent.”

7. How cute.

“Little kids cooking gourmet meals. Like only rich people can afford for their kids to play with food like that.

If it didn’t turn out good, just toss it and make something else. Poor people had budgets and if it sucked you still ate it.”

8. There you go.





Scuba diving

Being an equestrian


9. Water sports.

“Salt water fishing/boating, Jet skiing.

Pretty much anything to do with water that’s not in a kitty pool, sprinkler or a shower.”

10. Back in the day.

“20 years ago, piano. They were stupid expensive and the yearly maintenance was too. Also, lessons.

Now, you can get an electric one for $500 at costco and it will last you 20 years with $0 in yearly maintenance. Plus, there are so many online free lessons/inexpensive tutors, I am surprised that more people don’t pick it up.

It is more accessible than ever.”

11. Usually…

“When people say, especially anonymously, that one of their hobbies is “travel,” I get rich vibes off of that.

Sometimes it’s aspirational, but realistically if you’re not rich you just don’t have the money or availability to travel a lot.”

12. Absolutely.

“A multiple car collection.

Art/Antique collection. Not the flea market stuff.

Knew a guy who had a full size backhoe. He had a ton of land and thought it was fun to play around with.

I guess he was a backhoeist?”

13. A lot of pressure.

“Being in the upper levels of competitive gymnastics.

My daughter is only 6 and it already cost us $350 a month(plus another $1k a year for travel and $450 a year for leotards, jacket,pants and bag). If she sticks to it into her middle/high school years and keeps excelling we are looking at $1k+ a month for gym fees and booster club plus travel fees and uniforms(so probably closer to $1.5k+ a month when you factor that stuff in).

We are upper middle class and right now can afford it but I’m not so sure about when she gets older and once our other kid gets into sports too. You definitely have to have some money to afford it. It’s like paying for college.”

14. Up in the air.

“My uncle, who’s incredibly wealthy, has the hobby of building and flying his own airplanes.”

15. Definitely.


Years ago, I worked for Wrigley (gum company now owned by Mars) when it was still owned by the Wrigley family and William Wrigley Jr. was the CEO. My second day, I ran into Mr. Wrigley in the elevator but didn’t know who he was.

During our small talk, it came out that I trained BJJ (still VERY new in the US ~20yrs ago) and I ended up asking him what sports he played. His response? “Oh, I play a little pick-up polo from time to time.”

I can’t even imagine how the hell a pick-up game of polo might materialize. I can’t imagine a dozen or so billionaires out riding their favorite polo horse and just happen to run into one another at the park.”

16. Zoom!

“Go Karting.

Not the kind at arcades and stuff, but the real kind… it’s how you get into Formula 1.”

17. Fancy pants.

“Collecting fine art.

It takes serious money to even consider going down that path.

Also a certain type of education.”

18. Good point.

“Anything that doesn’t match the climate of where they grew up.

If they grew up in the desert but they’re ace skiers then I assume they had the money to travel a lot and own all the gear, etc.”

19. I don’t even know what this means.

“Horse dressage for sure.

I know some middle class folk who own a horse or two on a farm but if you’re riding in competitions, you’re likely wealthy.”

20. Oh…

“My fiancé was telling me a story about the “exchange students” that lived with them and how they were so nice and would help take care of the house.

I asked her why her exchange students stayed with them for so long, when all my high school exchange student friends had only stayed for a semester.

It was at that moment she realized that she grew up with Swiss nannies.”

21. See you on Mt. Everest!

“Mountain climbing in remote places in the world.

I went to a work mandatory motivational speaker whose spiel was climbing Mt. Everest 4 times starting at age 22 and other mountains in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Guess I did not land the correct job out of college.”

22. Pricey.

“Scuba diving.

Then they name all the places in the world they’ve scuba dived.”

23. On guard!

“Fencing is an interesting one cause it’s actually not super expensive if you get started with a small club or school team or something, but once you try to venture out on your own into competitions, the cost of buying your own quality equipment and USFA membership fees hits you like a truck.”

24. Weird.

“People that go to Disneyland/Disney World at least once a year despite living several states away.”

25. Reality check.

“When I got to college and realized that no one else knew how to snowboard or wanted to go trap shooting with me I had to adjust my hobbies to slack lining and frisbees.”

26. Hit the water.


Got scouted for crew during freshman orientation because I managed a 2km row in under 7 minutes.

Then I found out its like $3.5K a year just to be on the team. No thanks!”

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