Alright, fellas, we need to talk. And we want you to give us the straight dope.

We want to dig deep and find out what you wish women did more often. No, we’re not talking about anything s**ual, so get your mind out of the gutter…

We’re talking about other things in life…for once.

So guys, what do you wish the females in your life did more often?

Here’s what men had to say on AskReddit.

1. A great date.

“I got invited to a date where the girl took the lead, bought the beer, planned the route to show me a romantic spot and carried the conversation mostly.

Everything seemed to be a spontaneous decision but I could tell she planned it beforehand.

Was one of the best and most relaxing dates I’ve ever had.”

2. Like a dog.

“Scratch my back, play with my hair, give me compliments….

Basically treat us like dogs.”

3. Let me know.

“Show their interest. I’m dense as hell.

A smile and a wave is you being friendly. A hug is friendly. If you’re actually interested in me, tell me.

Otherwise I’ll never know, and with me, that just means you’re friendly and I don’t have a shot.”

4. Invested.

“I’m not sure why but when girls use my first name when talking to me it makes me feel like they are invested in the conversation.”

5. Check in.

“Text me every now and then just to see how I’m doing.

6. Go ahead and open up.

“Allow me to open up about my emotions without thinking I am weak because of it.”

7. Hugs.

“Honestly, just a hug.

I grew up with very physical female friends. Hello = hug. Goodbye = hug. You’re funny = hug.

Around middle school, that started to change because if you hugged someone it meant you were dating (yes, I know that’s stupid).

Now, the most physical contact I get with anyone other than my SO is a fist bump.

Hell, not even that since Covid.”

8. Warm and fuzzy.

“I dated a girl who would wrap her arms around me and kiss my cheek multiple times.

Even though we broke up, it still makes me smile when I think about it”

9. Genuine.

“My (now) girlfriend, who was traveling with me once in a metro, on the way to a festival I was playing at, fixed my shirt collar while we were standing in the centre of the compartment.

The pride, and the look on my face when she did that. It just felt so genuine, that someone cares how I look.

Someone cares if my shirt collar is folded over itself wrong. I think that was one of the moments that I fell for her.”

10. We love it.

“Play with my hair.

Had a girl tell me (this was high school, sophomore year) that “your hair is so soft”. I have super curly, thick hair (sorry bald guys- if it’s any consolation, I can’t grow a beard) and she told me she was going to play with it.

She did for all period, around 50 minutes. Best 50 minutes of my life.”

11. Take me away.

“I’m a married man now, but I always liked it when a woman I was dating would take me by the hand or wrist and lead me somewhere.”

12. More physical, please.

“Hmmm if I had to pick one thing I’d probably say be more physical with me especially in a relationship.

Everything doesn’t have to be s*xual but we sit down together, grab my hand. If we are watching a movie and you don’t want to snuggle, put your leg on me.

Random kisses on the cheek from time to time, hugs from behind are actually nice.”

13. I’m over here.

“Pay more attention to me when we are with her friends.

Of course I don’t want 100% of the attention, but sometimes I feel bad because seems that she just forgets about me when surrounded by friends.”

14. Like a dog!

“Stomach rubs!

Great after you’ve had a big meal and you’re both just laid up relaxing.”

15. All kinds of stuff.

“Smile at me. Actually talk to me.

Make the first move. Hold my hand and lead me somewhere. Cuddle.

This list goes on and on.”

16. Open up.

“Just tell me what you are thinking, what you wanna eat, and why you are mad.”

17. Need reassurance.

“This may sounds dumb, but compliments and/or reminding us that we are doing good as a bf/husband/dad.

Maybe I’m the only one but sometimes I have a need for reassurance.”

18. Feeling protective.

“Chill on the couch with me or sleep/lay in my lap.

It really gives me the feeling that I have my act together and I feel a huge swell of protectiveness.”

19. At ease.

“Girls who WANT to listen are the best. As a man who struggles with depression and don’t know how to talk about it I just love when my girl asks what’s wrong.

Even when I say everything is fine she basically forces me to tell how I feel. It’s weird at the time but after she comforts me I feel so much better and it eases my mind a lot.”

20. A special kind of love.

“A touch or look when we’re not actively being together. We’re doing something passive like watching TV.

It’s a really good show, and she’s into it. She’s concentrating on hearing the actors and understanding the story and wondering what’s happening next – so much going on in there. And she’ll touch my hairline at the neck, or glance my way.

It tells me with all the things going on in her head, I’m randomly popping in there for only one good reason: love. I get goosebumps from that kind of love.”

21. That’s bad.

“If you’re gonna reject me, please just say “no thanks I’m not interested” instead of making a scene and posting it on all your social medias with the caption “ewwww”.”

22. Let’s talk.

“I like having conversations about nerdy things.

Or just conversations, really.”

23. Belt it out.

“Sing songs.

It’s absolutely adorable and I wish more women would do it regardless of how good they can sing or not.”

24. $$$$$$$.

“Offer to pick up the tab.

I have no problem paying but on a first date if the woman doesn’t make any gesture to split the bill or pay some part then there is no second date.

To add clarification, I don’t want the woman to actually pay it’s about the gesture and the entitlement some women have that men should pay for everything.

Going Dutch is always the safe option on date number one.”

25. Just say it!

“Be frank and open about what they want to do instead of dropping non verbal hints.”

26. Works every time.

“Play in my hair and rub my scalp.

It’s like my off switch. I’ll forget how to speak or stand up and maybe even drool a little.

You could put me to sleep in minutes.”

27. As easy as that.

“Just physical touch or a compliment. Not to sound like a neck beard or be cringe but when I was young my parents split up and I was pretty much left on my own.

They stopped parenting me really no real positive behavior just reprimanding me when I acted up otherwise being kinda indifferent. I remember i was maybe 12 or 13 and a girl decided to cuddle with me at some random bonfire.

My brain being flooded with that much oxytocin after I pretty much forgot what it felt like almost brought me to tears. I had major self image issues so letting people get that close extremely rare.”

Okay, guys, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, open up and tell us what you wish women did more often.

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