Millions of tweets go out into the universe every single day, and if we’re being honest, a lot of them are really funny – but not memorable.

With that kind of content running in front of our eyes every minute of every day it takes something special to stand out weeks down the line, and we think these 27 tweets definitely have staying power.

27. I felt this in my soul.

Five more minutes. No one is gonna say anything.

26. None of us are ok.

So we’re totally not judging you. Much.

25. You never hear the normal stories.

Because they’re just going about their day.

24. If you must, you must.

I mean, you definitely don’t want to be wasteful.

23. You cannot argue with that logic.

That is not lawyer attire I’m sorry.

22. Bless his heart.

I wouldn’t even know what to say.

21. Try not to swoon.

You can’t do it!

20. You have to wait for it.

Everyone knows that.

19. Someone is going to steal that.

Not a doubt in my mind.

18. Educate the olds.

Trust me, we’d rather be uncomfortable with you than the world.

17. Just hand it over.

This GIF is good for so many things.

16. A little bit of everything.

Like a curated shuffle.

15. He’s a cat he gets what he wants.

I don’t make the rules.

14. It seems to be working.

So it’s probably not going to change any time soon.

13. Now how are you going to cook dinner?

Is he paying for the pizza?

12. Seriously where do they get that?

It’s not from a mountain stream.


11. It’s worth the extra effort.

Don’t let them convince you otherwise.

10. Don’t look inside.

Not if you want to continue to respect me.

9. They deserve their own identity.

Just my two cents, of course.

8. The main boy has long hair.

We’re all just out here trying to be like Jesus but not like his hair.

7. You both know they’re lying.

They just don’t want to take them again.

6. Enjoy every last bite.

Because that stuff is delicious.

5. This made me laugh.

It’s so unexpected!

4. We can disperse with the niceties.

You’re among friends.

3. I just snorted.

So sexy in the moment.

2. I mean how dare.

After all Red Bull has done for you.

1. There’s immediate regret.

Or just impatience if you’re waiting on your own fajitas.


See what I mean? You won’t forget these any time soon!

Which one did you forward to a friend? Let us know in the comments!