I have some friends who only eat plain food.

Salad with just lettuce. No toppings or dressing.

Burgers with just the patty and bun. No condiments.

And it drives me nuts because I feel like they’re missing out on so much great food but they just won’t listen to me…

Well, to each their own, I guess…but I think these people are sick!

AskReddit users shared their most controversial food opinions. Hang on tight!

1. I want to know why.

“I ask most people i know what their favorite flavor of starburst candy is and they get absolutely disgusted when I say my favorite is Orange.


2. Can’t do it.

“I’m one of those guys who h**es cilantro. I h**e it, because street tacos are so great and I get s**t all the time about not getting it.

Pico de gallo? Looks amazing! Still, not into it. Just hope those scientists up in Washington get to curing me.”

3. I think it’s gross.

“Pineapple on pizza is fine.

I don’t like it myself but I’m not going to roast someone who enjoys it.

I’m not on this earth to gatekeep pizza toppings, as some apparently are.”

4. Green slime.

“Avocado is overrated.

Yeah, it’s good, but I know so many people that will pay $20 for 2 pieces of toast with green slime on it.”

5. Hot takes.

“I like rectangle sandwiches, not triangles.

Also Lucky Charms are overrated.

Gimme a Honey Bunches of Oats any day.”

6. If you say so…

“Chipotle mayo on sweet potato fries is a game changer.

It’s the only kind of fries that I will intentionally order that don’t come as a free side.”

7. Battle of the cheeses.

“American cheese slices ruin whatever you put them on.

I cannot stand that every burger place uses it.

Jack is a far superior burger cheese, in my opinion.”

8. I don’t know about that…

“You can eat anything at any time.

Have a three-course pasta-based feast for breakfast. Do it. I dare you.

Everyone I knows says you can’t do that because it’s not “breakfast food” and whatnot.


9. Not feeling it.

“I don’t like chocolate chip pancakes.

I want to; the description appeals to me. I love pancakes, even with a variety of toppings; and I love chocolate, including chocolate chip cookies.

But for some reason, chocolate chip pancakes just don’t work for me.

I think part of it is the texture, even though texture doesn’t usually put me off. The chocolate ends up melty, but in a sort of chalky way. And the way it sort of blends into the pancake… And then for some odd reason, those two flavors together just aren’t enjoyable for me.

Yeah, I just don’t like it.”

10. Keep it away from me.

“I don’t like soda.

Or more specifically carbonated drinks.

It’s a sensory thing and drinks like that actually make me feel pain.”

11. Salt overload.

“MSG is awesome.

I put it in a salt shaker 50/50 with table salt and use it in everything that calls for salt.

Pure umami is game changing.”

12. Make it simple.

“The best way to know if a pizza joint is good, is by ordering a plain cheese pizza.

Sometime the extra toppings overpower the taste of the pizza.”

13. Really?

“Canned fish is awesome!

Not just sardines and anchovies but you can get all kinds of fish in cans, even stuff like clams and even squid! And if you prefer food without too many additives or processing, look at the back of the can, it typically says something like “ingredients: fish, salt, some sort of oil (veg or sunflower or something) and with some, the processing is so minimal the fish is just cooked in the can after sealing during the pasteurization process.

Try kipper snacks, they kinda have a smokey bacon taste. Fantastic treat/snack.”

14. Anytime’s a good time.

“Most people from my experience are breakfast folks that could eat it any time of day.

I’m a dinner person.

I’d rather have a burger & fries or lasagna at 8am than pancakes & bacon at 8pm.”

15. A hot take.

“Shrimp are ocean insects.

Might as well be eating a hornet or a dragonfly.”

16. I don’t agree.

“French fries do not need ketchup. They are still delicious plain.

The salt (or whatever seasoning it has) is the flavor. If you want to taste tomatoes just eat tomatoes.”

17. I think you’re right.

“I like McDonald’s.

It’s not controversial to like it, but it is controversial to admit it.”

18. Enough with the fancy stuff!

“The overly pretty plating that you see in fancy restaurants, where there’s about a thimbleful of food arranged with a smear of sauce on the side, are dumb.

I don’t dislike artistry but if I pay a lot to sit in a restaurant, I want to be served portions that would be enough to at least sustain a hummingbird.”

19. You’re nuts!

“I h**e food and eating.

It’s inconvenient and not enjoyable in the slightest. I eat to stay alive.

If there was a pill I could take once a day that gave me everything I need, I would never eat food again.”

20. I’ll pass.

“I think eating horse shouldn’t be all that taboo. Have to go to another country just to try it.

Shouldn’t force cultures to end traditions just cuz you feel your opinion on it being wrong is more important then their cultural backgrounds and traditions.”

21. Bulls**t!

“Mayonnaise is disgusting.

What’s even worse is that 90% of sandwiches in supermarkets contain mayonnaise so it severely limits what I buy.

It should come in a sachet so you have the choice to add it if you want to.”

22. Radical.

“I am a radical sandwich anarchist (according to the sandwich alignment chart).

  • Hot dogs are sandwiches
  • Tacos are sandwiches
  • Empanadas are sandwiches
  • Pop Tarts are sandwiches

You put one food on top of or surrounded by a different food?

That’s a sandwich.”

23. I enjoy both.

“Cold leftover pizza is the worst.

Gave me a stomach ache.

Leftover pizza reheated in the toaster oven is where it’s at.”

24. No way!

“The only acceptable use of a Cucumber is to become a Pickle.

Cucumbers are not food.

They’re a sad, depressing, wet f**t of a vegetable, that tastes like sadness had a child with blandness.”

25. Did you just say that out loud?

“Ranch dressing is gross… in any context, on any food.

I used to love it as a kid, but now I can’t stand it. Somewhere along the line, my taste buds changed and now it has a weird tang to it that makes me feel like it’s rancid.

And it’s not a “mass-produced vs homemade” thing either, I tried all sorts of ranch and it’s just gross to me now.”

26. The hierarchy.

“The hierarchy for roast meats is as follows

  • Roast lamb
  • Roast chicken
  • Roast pork
  • Roast beef

Shepard’s pies can only be made with lamb.

Beef makes it a f**king cottage pie WHICH IS NOT THE SAME THING.”

27. No more for compromise.

“Nuts do not belong in or near desserts.

There’s no better way to ruin a perfectly good brownie, M&M, or carrot cake than by throwing in some kind of nut.

Don’t get me started on pecan pie…”

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