S**y stuff can be great, but sometimes you just want to exist in a world that’s not always hyper-aware of that aspect of life, don’t you think?

If you agree, this list will have you nodding your head – here are some things people really wish weren’t as s*xualized as they are in our current society.

1. Women are not designing these clothes.

Basically the whole women’s clothing industry. Why does everything have to be about how sexy she looks? Why is it butt, breasts and hips and not ‘what makes you feel comfortable’?

I pretty much gave up on women’s clothes last year and I wear mostly men’s now.

In general I’ve found men’s clothes to be more comfortable, last longer, cost less, be warmer in the winter, have way more pocket space…Honestly, it seems like a pretty skewed deal.

2. Thanks, p*rn.

People getting stuck doing household chores.

Nobody is getting stuck and then getting f**ked.


AND… that’s r*pe.

So… NO!

3. There’s no reason to sell separate clothes for kids under 5.

Little girls clothes!

Put even 2T girls shorts or undies next to boys and they are MUCH shorter and tighter.

4. It can certainly feel that way.

Everything and anything

Dang rule 34.

5. Yeah none of that, please.

Fetishizing certain races is quite an unhealthy trend.

Asian women anybody?

Please people… just don’t do that.

6. That’s what they’re for, Sir.


I never noticed how bad it was until I had my son. My uncle came over after he was born and said it was gross that his mother breast fed him.

While I sat there breastfeeding my son… please check yourself. I’m feeding my child. Nothing weird about that.

Not to mention, formula is expensive and gives a lot of babies tummy aches.

7. In a perfect world.


A proper massage is not the slightest bit s*xual and can be instrumental in sleep quality, reducing physical pain and improving overall quality of life.

A good and skilled masseuse can literally put you to sleep at will.

I get them regularly and hate the seedy connotations that are so common.

8. It really is bad.

Women getting murdered.

Horror movies and reenactments in shows like Cold Case Files, the woman murder victim is always wearing like sexy lingerie to get brutally killed in.


9. I blame Britney Spears.

Long over the knee socks.

Winter is cold, mate.

I’d like to be able to wear them with tights and mid to shortish length skirt without it being assumed that I’m going for a school girl vibe.

10. Slang can be tough.

“Sleeping with” someone…

Sometimes it’s just a sleepover.

Or sometimes you’re just sleeping in the same bed!

11. I don’t like that.

My race, if that makes sense.

Like… people’ll talk about how “exotic” or “spicy” I am and that’s pretty weird.

12. Stop it. Now.


Add the word “public” in front of “breastfeeding” and you should see the issue.

It is still problematic in many western societies for women to feed their babies in public places without getting looked at like they are doing something obscene.

13. Sad state of affairs.

Having friends of the other gender.

In school a boy once called on the home phone and asked for the homework and I got made fun of for WEEKS after this.

Going to school “oooh goin to see Jake today??? New boyfriend???” Im 8 and he doesn’t listen to what the math homework is and now I’m apparently destined to marry him?

Now (I’m 21F) i can’t get coffee with a guy friend (that my boyfriend is aware of and have been friends with years prior to dating boyfriend) without everyone asking “oh does your boyfriend know? What happened to boyfriend? Troubles in paradise?” Like can we grow up?

14. Can we just relish?

A popsicle. Man just let me deep throat that sh%t in peace.

and bananas, lollipops, candy canes… i just want to eat without weird looks/ comments 🙁

15. That’s…not what it’s for.

The cervix.. For whatever reason some men still think they should ‘destroy’ it or need to push through or something..


16. Punch him.

Once I walked to Dairy Queen from my house (15 minutes give or take) when I was around 13 years old. I got a regular vanilla cone because I didn’t have much money with me and it was really hot out.

On my way home I was just trying not to let it melt and the ice cream was fighting against me. Well some full grown 40 year old adult pedofile bitch said “I wish you would lick me like you lick that ice cream cone”. It was terrifying.

I just dropped the cone and kept walking. I think the worst part is looking at photos of me from that time and knowing he could not have mistaken me for an adult. I looked young.

Then flash forward to my first boyfriend and I getting ice cream at age 17 on a hot day… and he said the same thing. I cried. I just started balling my eyes out. I threw the ice cream in the trash too because I just felt so disgusted by myself.

My ex was stunned. He made s*xual jokes sometimes and they never bothered me so he didn’t know what was up. Once I calmed down and explained it he felt bad.

Thats 2 ice cream cones I have wasted from that damn comment and that’s 2 too many.

17. That’s why we’re all bi*ches.

Being nice. I hate when I’m decent towards a guy and they get pissed when I don’t like them.

18. It’s not that hard.


Like dude if you’re going to offer me a massage when my body hurts then ACTUALLY massage me.

I’ll let you touch my butt in a minute just ffs please rub my muscles out.

19. So many of these examples.


Cucumbers, Banana, Sausages, Melons, Milkshakes.


20. A woman definitely wrote this.

Going on your knees or bending over.

I always hesitate to pick up things and often reposition myself.

21. Cringeworthy.

Corpse husband’s voice. Leave the poor soul alone. Please. I understand that his voice is attractive but please don’t bring it up at all.

And what makes it worse is it is literally a medical condition, like he can’t even control it and someday his whole voice could go entirely.

22. It’s sickening.

Children. It’s insane.

Years ago, a major retailer sold thongs for girls in the ten to eleven year old range (currently attempting to find the article). It was horrifying.

Then there is the whole thing of having pants written across the arse of pants, which are clearly marketed towards young girls and tweens.

23. Ankles and wrists oh my.






24. All daddy’s girls hate it.


As a father of 2 I hate it.

25. They’re so…not s*xy?

School uniforms.

I mean… come on. They’re kids.


26. Talk about awkward.

Student – teacher relationships.

As a male middle-school teacher, one of the first things I was told is to never have a female student in your classroom while alone because of (a) what the student may accuse you of, or (b) what the other teachers may think.

So when a female student needs help on her HW after school, for example, I need to relocate from my classroom to a public place where other adults can supervise. As if I’m a pedophile and s*xual pr*dator.

The other lesson I learned immediately was to never have any physical contact with a female student. If you have a good relationship with a female student and she hugs you, you must throw up your hands and back away as if she’s contaminated.

Which really sucks, because not only have there been plenty of female students that I would have loved to give a hug to, but also because of the rejection I imagine they feel from me in acting like I want nothing to do with them. None of this is s*xual (they’re innocent children, for God’s sake), but rather an expression a father-daughter-like kind of affection.

But male students that want extra help alone in my classroom or want to give me a hug? No holds barred.

27. The face I just made.

Halloween costumes that shouldn’t be s*xy:



School Girl,


Children’s cartoon/game characters.

28. I guess a few ruined it.

When an adult man wants to be friendly with children, it’s always s*xualized.

How are we supposed to find the next Mr. Rogers if we keep accusing every man of perversion the second he shows interest in just being nice to kids!?

29. Extremely weird, y’all.

My Little Pony.

30. If only we waited that long.

People as soon as they turn 18.

I was so scared to turn 18, I’m 20 now but I was also horrified to turn 20 all because of me being s*xualized. I’ve dealt with way too many people who counted down the days until I turned 18 because they would message me on Facebook when I was 15-16, then realize how old I was, and then the wait began.

The audacity of some people though. “I can do and say whatever I want to her because she’s 18! I’m no pedo!”

Yeah but you are a s*x offender.

I definitely agree with most of these, and not just the obvious ones, either.

What would you add? Tell us in the comments!