Moms deserve a freaking gold medal. Most of the time, they’re juggling what amounts to several full-time jobs at once — parenting, their actual full-time job, household administrator and the list goes on and on.

They’re also incredibly hilarious, as evidenced by these 31 tweets that explain exactly why moms everywhere are the best.

1. They always know just how to embarrass their kids.


2. It’s called being a grandparent, honey.

Look it up.

3. They have to bite their tongues on a daily basis.

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?

4. They can handle just about any situation.

No matter how embarrassing.

5. They know how to make the best of a situation.

Alone time? Yes, please.

6. And they can make seriously funny jokes.

Someone trade seats with this woman!

7. They really know how to motivate their children.

It’s a very special skill set.

8. They show up to support their children no matter what.

Even through spring recorder concerts.

9. And they always practice self-care.

What? You don’t consider Xanax self-care?

10. They are the queens of patience.

Especially at bedtime. Every. Single. Night.


11. They tell it like it is.

No sugar-coating here!

12. And sometimes they take creative … liberties.

Fruit casserole, ha. We’re going to have to remember that one!

13. They always have super healthy coping mechanisms.

Bread, pasta, cereal, cinnamon rolls …

14. They know that in order to relax they have to get in the zone first.

Well, everyone knows you can’t relax in a dirty house.

15. They know how to play pranks on their husbands.

These “stickers” are great.

16. Again, they just make really, really funny jokes.

This one will crack you up.

17. They understand the value of a good night’s sleep.

Raise your hand if you’ve done this before.

18. They’re always there to give Dad a little leg up, too.

Better get out the macaroni noodles, too.

19. They understand the value of a good education.

Even during times of crisis.

20. They teach their children valuable life lessons.

Like very appropriate important song lyrics.

21. They never, ever raise their voices.

Definitely not.

22. They don’t mind sharing.


23. Regrets, they’ve got a few.

But those sweet little smiles make it all worth it in the end.

24. They know how to delegate.

Sometimes the message just doesn’t quite get through. however.


25. They’re not afraid to give their kids a little taste of their own medicine.

Just try not to laugh reading this one.

26. They know how to stretch the household budget.

No gym? No problem.

27. They’re always collecting little bits of wisdom.

And sharing them, too.

28. They’re able to pivot quickly.

Especially at dinnertime.


29. They don’t make a lot of demands.

No. 1 would be nice for a change.

30. They make really good friends.

They always bring the best snacks.

31. They’re creating little mini-me’s.

Sometimes it’s like looking in a mirror.

Moms make the best comedians, seriously. And now that you’re sitting there, appreciating your own mom, go ahead and give her a call. Tell her you love her. Go on, do it.

What’s the best thing about your mom? Does she have a great sense of humor?

Let us know in the comments!