Once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it: All dads shake their snacks the exact same way before popping them into their mouths.

But why is this? Do they teach this trait at some mysterious, as-yet-to-be-discovered School for Dads? How does every single dad across the country seem to know how to do this? And does it, in fact, make the snacks taste more delicious?

The internet wants to know. People are chiming in with their own TikTok videos of dads shaking their snacks and, quite frankly, it’s pretty funny when you stop to think about it.

If you’re not immediately picturing this gesture (do you live under a rock? just kidding), let us help you out.

We present you with, Exhibit A:


And that’s on cashews 😔👊🏻 #dad #neverfitin #natureathome

♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

And Exhibit B:


accurate representation of the white dad eating nuts #fyp #whitedads #foryou

♬ original sound – noelle🎀

At least one dad was able to give a concrete reason for this ubiquitous practice:


why do all white dads eat almonds like this

♬ original sound – Madison Gray

Ohhhh OK so I guess it’s cool to do because Tom Cruise started it:


Sometimes you just gotta say… #EatEmUp #InTheHouseparty #riskybusiness #dadvibes #fyp

♬ Dad eating almonds – jaspergood

It seems like maybe dads just enjoy the feeling of snacks rolling around in their hand?


#duet with @jaspergood my dad fits the stereotype #foryou

♬ Dad eating almonds – jaspergood

And then there’s this funny impersonation of a dad trying, with all his might, to eat nuts the normal way, but ultimately failing:


This is Daddy 101 #fyp #foryou

♬ human – christina perri

Well, there you have it. This must just be some secret dad requirement that the rest of us are not privy to (unless you’re a dad reading this right now!) All dads must simply shake snacks in their palm before tossing them back into their mouths. Period. End of discussion. Case closed.

What’s your theory on why dads do this? Does your dad have a signature quirk or gesture?

Let us know in the comments!