We’re actually lucky, I think, that rain and snow fall from the sky on the regular. We need those things for various reasons, like keeping the planet alive, but does that mean nothing else should ever rain down on us?

These Redditors say no – there are plenty of other things that would be awesome if they fell on our heads. Take a read and see whether or not you agree!

1. Is it hard or soft?

Chocolate rain.

2. There could be issues there.

Water, clean water, but we could control when, where and how much.

But imagine if a dictator takes control of the world water supply.

3. You knew this would be here.

Men. It would be raining men. Hallelujah

I still feel like that song and Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” are descriptions about the same event.

4. It would solve everything.

Puppies, but with like…personal safety airbags so none of them get hurt.

It would solve world hunger!

5. Watch the world burn.

Anti-matter. Might as well go out with a bang.

I’m pretty sure that positrons are actually formed above storms, so this one is kind of a thing.

6. A whole scenario.

Blood because I just can’t stop imagining TV weather boy/girl, “Tomorrow, a great chance of Cloud Periods!”

I instantly thought of the trollge meme of waiting for it to blood and how blood floats on blood

7. I’d be down with that.


Taste the rainbow DURING the storm.

8. We’d all be happy, at least.


9. Sign me up!


It would justify walking around in public with a cup of hot chocolate.

And big hats so your hair won’t be a sticky mess.”

10. We’ll take the water, please.

I live in California and we’re on fire… Plain, boring rain would be fine!

The whole western half of the US is in the same grounded boat, more or less. I’m so tired of smoke!

11. Chaotic evil right here.

environmentally friendly glitter.

Just imagining how sparkly it’s be is amazing

12. Just to clarify.

Healing water or something.

It’s water, but healing.

13. All sorts of drops.

If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be.

14. Everyone is a Looney Tune.


There would be a bunch of While E. Coyote style deaths! Lmao!

15. Very practical.

Brain cells.

I know a lot of people that need th.. I mean love that.

16. Is there anything better?


That whole episode in particular was the apex of the Simpsons. Best of the best. So good.

17. Must love pie.

Great big pies. Perfectly cooked with gleaming golden brown crusts and thick meaty fillings.

No one would ever go hungry for pie again and nations would be enriched with the gloopy gravy warmth of pies and there would be peace across the world because everyone can eat pie morning, noon and night forevermore.

God I love pie.

18. There’s no good answer.

We have a belgian comedian who writes comic books with himself as the main character and in one of the books he became filthy rich (he made a deal with the devil) and built a factory turning rain clouds into lemonade clouds … everyone liked it … until the rainforest burned down because lightning became stuck to the ground due to the sugar.

19. There’s an idea.

Magical orbs that granted anyone unlimited wishes when they touch it. Or rather, anyone with my name and dna.

Then I can make it rain whatever I want.

20. More wishes.

Well, Money is a terrible idea, the economy would make it completely worthless. Unless it somehow didn’t and was simply considered as something like a video game bonus event.

Uh, I wish for more wishes, I guess.

21. Happy Thanksgiving.


22. It’s a tough call.

I asked my mate, first thing he said was ‘food’ . Then we had to go into the details of it, would it rain tiny hamburgers? Or just pieces of hamburger? We stuck to the ‘ it has to be the size of raindrops ‘..

He didn’t like the idea of miniature hamburgers so then he changed his stance and decided it will now rain weed.

23. I like the specifics.

Self sufficient puppies.

All they do is express empathy and spread joyful energy when each person needs it.

24. A fairly good answer.

Movie theater Popcorn omg!!

25. Among other things.

LSD rain would make the world pretty fun.

26. Breakfast is always a win.

I always wanted it to rain breakfast like it does in the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Sky orange juice just looks so delicious.

27. For the greater good.

Clean drinking water.

28. But yummier.

In today’s weather forecast expect heavy amounts of fried chicken.

Then again, that could be worse than hail.

29. It could actually happen.


It’s not too far-fetched, tho. It rains diamonds on other solar system planets.

And then the stupid diamond industry would die.

Now that I think about it, make it rain gold so we can trigger global economic collapse and finally put an end to this shit show

30. Well thought out.

Tiny geodes with water inside, assuming my fictional geode meteor showers have existed since humanity, than things would be way more different society wise, humans would probably be more used to dark areas from learning to hide under caves and public transport like buses and trains would be used way more, people would probably work from home more and it’d probably be normal to know how to read pair smashed electronics, engines and other things, gems would be way more common and there’d probably be traditions involving gems and certain clothes, example: we’d probably wear ruby to weddings and morganite to funerals.

Colours would also probably have very different meanings tgan they do now.

And if the questions asking if I want it to rain cool moist gem filled rocks from the sky from now on, well my teachers would finaly stop making us stand outside in the rain from now on so hell yeah.

31. Best possible answer.




32. Definitely a mess.

I’d say men…but then we’d have a bunch of dead hot guys all over the place and that would just be a mess.

33. You had to know this was coming.


Fat buds followed by the harsher paper cuts from the tabs, slowly floating, gathering, piles of coke and MDMA, the hail of meth rocks and finishing with the deadly drop of used heroin needles in one solid whamp because fuck you that’s why.

I also choose drugs.

I wouldn’t argue with some of these. How about Cheez-Its, though? That’s what I want.

What would you submit for consideration? Let us know in the comments!