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A lot of people can be stubborn and hard-headed when it comes to saying “Sorry” to someone…and that’s the basis of this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

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AITA? Girlfriend’s friend stole my food and wants an apology.

“It’s the next day and everyone won’t talk to me until I apologize. I definitely do not think I’m the a**hole here.

What happened?4 of us went to a Halloween party (me, girlfriend, her best friend and her boyfriend).On the way home I asked if anyone wanted to stop for food again (we did drive thru on the way to party) and they all said no. I’m pulling into McDonalds and get fries and 6 chicken nuggets. Perfectly calculated amount of food for how hungry I felt.

Girlfriend starts eating the fries, I expected that. Then her best friend starts tell me to get her nuggets, I already ordered and paid.

I say I already asked if anyone wanted anything. I start driving away. Then my gf takes my box of nuggets and opens them. Firmly, I tell everyone those are my nuggets, I’m NOT sharing them. In spite of that, the girls start passing them around, since I was driving I couldn’t really stop them.

I go on to state my annoyance of the situation, then girl in the back goes “just cause you keep talking about it, I’m eating another one” or something along those lines. Essentially, she was annoyed that I was annoyed so used that as a reason to eat more.

They literally finished my nuggets and I didn’t get one.

So I pull into another McDonalds on the way home. The girls boyfriend tells me to grab a 10 pack (to replace my 6 and he’ll get 4 for his gf). He’s going to pay?!? What.

The girls stole food, and now the guy in the backseat is going to replace it? So I questioned that. I ended up taking my gf’s debit card (she did offer). I was holding both of their debit cards and chose to use my girlfriends. But what about the girl that literally ate most of my nuggets??

So then she goes on to tell me I deserved to lose my nuggets blah blah which segways into freedom of speech. She tells me to shutup and that the definition of freedom of speech if your right to speak up against the government, not say whatever you want whenever you want. Idgaf, I’ll say what I want when I want.

She really h**es to be called out for her behaviour. I compare her to egyptian cats being treated like gods back in the day and how she always acts like the cat and everyone should worship and listen to her. Next thing you know, that’s “h**e speech” (she is egyptian canadian).

Firstly, is that h**e speech?

It’s the next day, my girlfriend won’t talk to me until I apologize and says I’m straining her and her friends relationship.

I want an apology for them stealing my food, which created another argument this morning that she only did it because I wouldn’t stop at another drive thru to get them food and that eating my nuggets was the only way to get me to stop.

That’s not a good reason in my eyes.”

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