I imagine that it can sometimes be hard to know exactly what caused a divorce. Sure, in some cases it’s a single event that implodes the whole thing, but other times – maybe even most of the time – it’s a thousand paper cuts that never fully healed.

Divorce lawyers see a lot more ruined relationships that I do, though, so that probably gives them some additional perspective.

This one in particular, @jettiegirl28, says she can predict whether or not a couple is going to have trouble based on their profession.

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And if you or your spouse works on of these 5 jobs, you should get out in front of any trouble that’s brewing, like yesterday.

  • Firefighter
  • Military Service Members
  • Police Officers
  • Surgeons
  • Pilots

I think it’s interesting that these are also five jobs men have that probably make it easier, in many ways, to attract a spouse.

Here’s why (according to her):

“What I notice among these five professions is that they tend to be more narcissistic, they tend to be more controlling.

They tend to be far more difficult in dealing with a divorce. They have kind of a nuke-the-earth, scorch-the-earth, ‘How dare you challenge me?’ kind of approach to litigation.”

And I mean, no one needs that – not in a relationship or in a breakup, right? Once you’re to the point of sitting in a lawyer’s office, I would think that it would behoove everyone to just be on their best behavior and get it done.


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Has this been true in your experience? Several of the comments on TikTok seem to confirm (in one way or another) that it tends to be.

Let us know based on your own life down in the comments!